Without fear

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Without fearPart 1: Without fear

What would a day be like without fear?

Have you ever had such a day?

You now move with ease, as before you felt stiff and tired, slugging a heavy body around weighed down by stress.

A day without fear, lightens your load, opens your heart and elevates your mood.

That fearless day, adds a spring to your step, a smile on your face and a desire to fly.

That day you see the subtleties all around you, you look at the world with eyes wide open, sounds become magnified, smells enhanced, touch actually felt and the taste of foods are the best.

Somehow the food comes alive, when you are without fear and the crow’s raucous crowing punctures your eardrums, when you are without fear.

The sun is brighter and warmer, when you are without fear.

Love for humanity flows when fear is set aside

Is it possible to live without fear?

Not really or should I say not completely, but living with less fear is possible.

It is the unnecessary fear we want less of.

Unnecessary fear is what we fear most of the time.

Unnecessary fear comes under the umbrella of fear-based thoughts which produces worry, concern, stress, anxiety, alarmed, restless, doubtful, unsure, guilt, embarrassed, shame, hopeless…

Examples of some of these thoughts:

Fear when you wake up and prepare for the day, what will day be like, or what will that meeting feel like, how will I look.

Fear of the simplest things, will I be late, will there be traffic, or will I forget the milk I need for later.

Fear what to make for dinner, pick the kids up from school, getting my hair cut, saying hello to that stranger who just caught my eye, where is that matching sock.

Fear that your shoes don’t match, or your nails need repainting, or should I make the bed this morning.

Fear that you won’t finish by the deadline, or that there is not enough money for the rent, or did I water the plants, I think I forgot.

Fear that I might not sleep tonight, or that I am getting sick, or I should really start exercising.

Fear that I am getting a fat, I drink a little too much, I did not eat greens today or I need to call the plumber.

Fear that the taxes need to get done, I forgot to put the dishwasher on, I need to take the clothes out of the wash.

Fear my father is ill, my mother is aging, I am aging, my children are leaving, I am alone.

Fear that I yelled at my child or at my spouse or my dog, I need to clean out the weeds in the front of my house, my neighbor may be looking at the mess, her garden is immaculate.

Fear I want to take a nap, but shouldn’t, If I nap I am lazy, I must go to the gym, will it rain today.

Fear that life is passing too quickly, there is not enough time, I need to get my degree, I need a well paying job, I need a vacation, I am not in the mood for cooking, but should not eat out again.

Damn I forgot the milk!

Fear inhabits every facet of our lives; every waking moment and it sneaks its way into our dreams.

You might think fear occurs only during big crisis events, though actually fear-based thoughts are the most dangerous and toxic.

These fears are the ones which make us sick and depressed, lash out at our loved ones, twist our ankles, create panic attacks, lose motivation, hinder our ability to make decisions, these unnecessary fears become habits.

It is not the gigantic stuff that is the culprit to our stressed out lives, its is the constant chatter in our heads which randomly remind you that you are afraid, stay on guard, be alert, even it is as simple as forgetting the milk needed for the cereal in the morning.

Stay tuned for how to live life without fear in next week’s Recipe


Recipe: Becoming aware of your fear-based thoughts exercise

Pick one day to do this exercise

In a notebook or on a sheet of paper, jot down your fear-based thoughts

Thoughts that pertain to worry, concern, anxiety, unsure, anger, restlessness, overwhelmed, stress, guilt, embarrassed.

Thoughts that begin with I should, need, have to … What if… I can’t… It is impossible…I have a problem… I am bad, useless, stupid, a failure…

Notice if you feel any of those kinds of feelings above; ask yourself what did I just think, notice your behavior based on the thought

For example:

Feeling – Anxious and stressed

Thought- I will be late

Behavior – rushing

Next week I will give you the exercise and meditation to begin to eliminate unnecessary fears out of you daily life.

Stay tuned for Part 2 – Without Fear next week

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