With Courage by your side

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With courageWith Courage

Where did my Courage go as I stepped out the door?

Looking behind, waving to Courage to join me, though there was no convincing him to leave the comfort of the bed.

Nestled under the covers, Courage decided to stay.

I had neither the time nor energy to grab hold of Courage and drag him out of bed.

So I left him behind.

If only I had taken the time to sit on the edge of the bed and discuss Courage’s malaise, my day would have been different.

That day had taken on many twists and turns, grappling for the very thing I needed, tucked away in bed at home, which was Courage.

My steps that day were weighted down, the heaviness in my legs made it almost impossible to move with ease.

Without Courage, my shoulders were burdened with fearful thoughts, self-doubts, insecurity, with that came forgetfulness.

The world did not feel as safe without Courage.

When Courage was there he would either sit on my shoulders or gently place his hands on my back, supporting and pressing me on.

Without Courage, I lost my confidence, only seeing the cloudy skies, people’s disappointed faces and all the botches.

If Courage were there he would have turned my head towards the sunny skies, my arms up high, lifting my head to see the smiling faces and nods of acceptance.

Courage would never have allowed me to ignore what went well that day, all the achievements and efforts, irrespective of the outcomes.

Only if I had taken the time this morning, maybe been a little late, to sit and talk to Courage, convince him he needs to accompany me, that without him, the world becomes a bleaker place.

Without him, I walk on tender hooks

Without him, rejection destroys me

Without him, I feel alone

Without him, I lack energy

Without him, I take no risks

Without him, the day is sad

With Courage you can overcome mostly anything, don’t leave it behind.

Take the time.


Recipe: Taking the Time Meditation

Give yourself time to prepare for the day, carve out extra time.

Sit for 5 minutes on a chair, the floor, or the bed.

Close your eyes and follow the rhythm of your breath.

Inhale and exhale 3 times then add:

As you breathe in say, “I breathe courage in”

As you breathe out say, “ I breathe fear out”

Repeat for 5 minutes and then get on with your day.

Take the time each day to invite Courage in.

Do not leave Courage behind; make sure you bring him with you.

Take the time

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