Who are They?

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Who are they?Who are They?

They say this and They say that

They tell you not eat late, or not eat too much of this or that

They advise you that you will feel better if you do this, and feel worse if you do that

They state that 8.2 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night is what everyone needs, or else, or else what?

They warn you against sitting too long at a desk and if you stand for work, not too stand too long

They inform you how much you should weigh, how much fat and muscle you need to carry.

They endorse 3.6 days of cardio exercise with a daily 10,000 steps.

They recommend 5 a day, what happens if you only eat 3 or 4? What if one day you had 0?

They may sanction that meditating 2 hours a day, will lead to enlightenment and endless peace, how many of us can meditate 2 hours a day?

All these Theys only make you feel bad if you don’t comply.

Theys seem to never stop.

Who are They, anyway?

Do you ever ask the question, who are They?

How many times have you heard out of someone’s mouth, including your own, They said this.

They are everywhere, on social media sites, in the news, in magazines… our mothers, fathers, grandparents and teachers. They have infiltrated every area of our lives.

Some Theys make lots of sense such as; smoking is harmful, sex without condoms can be dangerous or jumping in front of buses could cause death.

These are truths, obvious truths, but remember years ago smoking was not considered harmful and condoms were not used; yes, jumping in front of the bus I would imagine has always been dangerous.

In other words, They changes with the times, it waxes and wanes.

They is not to be trusted, it requires some further examination.

They places pressure on you and makes you feel bad about yourself

They can be very judgmental and enjoys the guilty feelings it evokes.

So what do I have say about They?

Be wary of taking They at face value, even if it sounds logical.

If you absorb all the They’s then be prepared to feel inadequate, never enough and at times you may twist yourself into pretzel trying to keep up with them all.

I suggest listen to They with an open mind, learn and experience it for yourself and then decide for yourself if you want to adopt They as your own.

Who are They first Listen, Learn, Experience and Decide


Recipe: Who are They meditation

When faced with a They

Take a deep breath and pause

Listen to the They statement

Take a deep breath and pause

Learn about it, research it, and offer to look into to it before doing anything with it

Take a deep breath

Give it a try, if you think it may benefit you; experience it for yourself rather than taking it on board right away.

You decide


Inspired by two of my perceptive students

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