What’s next?

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What's next?

What’s next?

How often do you find your mind wandering into an empty hole of ‘What’s Nextisms’?

All is ok, still, you are caught wandering into no man’s land, empty handed, searching for the next thing or the next opportunity.

It may be you look back, for a split second, the realisation that all is fine as it is, though before you know it, you turn your head back toward the next experience.

What’s Nextism’s are common, exhilarating, as nextisms take you on a little adventure into the unknown.

The problem with What’s Nextisms is that you lose sight of What’s Now, what feels right, what is good, leaving you eternally empty and frustrated.

That initial jolt of thrill dissipates as your arms probe the walls of a dark cave, wondering which is the way to the light.

Creating unnecessary anxiety, all because ‘What’s Nextisms’ has a strangle hold on most of us.

What’s Now feels too dull, predictable and uninspiring, perhaps lacking get-up-and-go Nextisms have.

We are cursed by our evolutionary wiring, comparing what you have to what others have. When life had fewer choices and basic survival was the aim, this served a purpose.

Yet, now What’s Nextism’s is unrelenting, leading you down a rabbit hole again and again.

It is time to acknowledge that What’s Nexisms have their time and place in our contemporary world, but not set on a continuous loop.

Instead try this:  What’s now, pause, pause, what’s now… what’s next… pause, pause, what’s now…pause, pause, pause…what’s next….


Recipe: Limiting ‘What Nextisms’ Meditation

Limiting the What Nextisms, not eradicating them.

Close your eyes and take 3 deep, conscious breaths

Then explore what is happening at that moment, within you and outside you.

Say to yourself, ‘What’s now’ then take a pause, another pause… repeat this sequence.

Notice if your mind edges you towards ‘What next’ thoughts. Note how it feels to be present. You might feel irritable, content, and anxious, whatever comes up embrace all emotions and physical sensations.

Once settled, throw in a ‘What next?’ question, without answering, note how you feel and what physical sensations arise.

Return to repeating ‘What’s now’ pause, pause… What’s now, pause, pause…

The purpose of this meditation is to practice the art of sitting with what you have and managing the ‘What Next’ impulse.

When there is a ‘What Next’ enquiry, sit with the not knowing or if you know what it is then gently come out of the meditation and get on with what needs to get done.

Break the loop of What’s Nextism’s

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