What is living?

What is living?

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What is living?What is living?

Living to live

Sitting to sit

Drinking to drink

Being present with the very task you are performing, cultivates peace, this is living.

Sleeping to sleep

Writing to write

Washing dishes to wash dishes

Remaining in that one place, absorbed in one thing, enriches ones daily life, this is living.

Meditating to meditate

Eating to eat

Cooking to cook

Cherishing a moment in time, unhurried with quiet stillness is the ultimate love affair with life, this is living.

Listening to listen

Reading to read

Making love to make love

Discovering the rhythm of life’s subtle moments, handed to you without expecting anything in return, this is living.

Praying to pray

Kissing to kiss

Painting to paint

Pondering what Is, lightens the burden of what might be or what was, this is living.

Resting to rest

Observing with undefended, attention brightens the soul and creates a space for novelty, this is living.

Walking to walk

Laughing to laugh

Stroking the timelessness of Now moments arouses pleasure, beyond any pleasure ever felt, this is living.

Selecting the most delectable fruits, with watchful eyes seeing all the combinations, sniffing and touching until the basket is full, this is living.

Working to work

Crying to cry

Cuddling to cuddle

Basking in the reassurance of not having to do anything or go anywhere, nonchalantly settling into a space in time, this is living.

Enchanted by the ant meandering across your path, with no inclination to harm or touch, just witnessing the vulnerability and strength in your presence, this is living.

Contemplating your feet, well worn and rife with fatigue sitting before you in all their glory, proud to have served you that day, this is living.

Living for the now, the moment, for the present, sustaining your attention on the task at hand, this is living.

Being present to be present is the solution to all your woes, being present to it all, whether it hurts, pleases or is noiseless, this is living.

Faith in the power of now, with its enchanted depths of mystical wisdom, this is living.

Living to live


Recipe: Living to live Meditation

Choose a task, any task, no matter how mundane or simple, easier to begin with simplicity.

It could be washing the dishes, filling a pot with water, bathing your feet, putting cream on your face, hanging or folding clothes, brushing your teeth, choose one task.

Take a deep breath and remain present with that task, if your mind wanders off, draw your mind back to the task at hand.

Notice it all, if you chose washing dishes; notice the soap, your hands, the sponge, the plate, the temperature of the water, the change in the color of water as you wash.

Be kind to yourself, your thoughts will inevitably creep in due to the monotony, though the challenge is to keep drawing your mind back to the task at hand.

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7 Comments for “What is living?”
  1. Thank you Rebecca. For living is living. It is to me cherishing the moment in time, unhurried , the ultimate love affair with life. It washes and cleanses my mind and body of all the negativity, leaving my soul clean, scrubbed yet rested.

  2. Thank you for this wonderful reminder. It helped me to come back from being scattered (I’m not always aware when I am) and to slow-down and ground myself again.

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