What is faith?

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What is faith?What is faith? The word faith conjures up a variety of mental images of churches, synagogues, mosques, or monasteries, housing religious leaders and followers seeking faith.

Faith tends to get lumped under the guises of religion. Those who are the faithful are the ones believed to be religious; their faith assumed to emanate from a deity.

Is it possible that faith has nothing to do with religion at all, that it is merely a seed lying dormant inside each of us, waiting to propagate?

Faith begins to grow upon conception, faith your mother’s womb will nourish and breathe for you. Once born, faith places the gaze of the eyes and the tears towards the mother to love and care for you. As you grow faith, still relying on parents, but now transfixed with movement, eventually through faith, you begin to walk.

As you mature, faith in God, Allah, Buddha or such is possible, but faith itself, is not a byproduct of religion, faith it is a means of itself, an emotion.

Faith is a powerful emotional energetic force within all of us, which activates our navigational system that propels us into the unknown while trusting that we will arrive safely.

Without faith, the world becomes a dark, frightening place, where unknowns reverberate monstrous images, holding you to ransom, frozen in your tracks, leaving you feeling lost.

With faith, bleakness may remain an active force, though faith grabs your hand and leads you forward, you may trip and weave around obstacles, withstanding life’s greatest afflictions, though faith is the very thing that keeps you moving forward.

Faith is your confidant, soul mate, the love of your life. It provides unwavering trust and the deepest, unconditional love that exists.

Faith has nothing to do with religion; it has everything to do with believing in your Self. You can believe in a God, Buddha, Allah or such, but remember faith came first.

The heart holds the key, the centre of love, energises faith; it is neither a religion nor a non-religion. Faith is unpretentious, but don’t be scathing of its austerity it is one of the most powerful forces in the human body.

Faith’s strength has the capacity to navigate a life well lived if faith retains the vitality of love, yet if faith adheres to a toxic, venomous energy, faith has the power to destroy.

Choosing love over hate, good over evil, acceptance over denial, openness over closeness, non-judgment over judgment, peace over war will steer your life and those around you towards the very place faith draws its energy from.

What is faith?


Recipe: Faith meditation

Finding a comfortable seat, close your eyes

Take 3 deep breaths

Allow your body to reach a relaxed state

Place your hand on your heart, breathe into the heart space

Feel the movement of the breath, beating of the heart and repeat the word ‘faith’ silently or out loud to yourself.

Allow yourself to feel the energy that comes from the word ‘faith’

Chances are you will feel soothed and at peace, if not use another word, ‘believe’, ‘trust’ ‘love’… if ‘God’, ‘Allah’, ‘Buddha’ or such repeat those words.

Faith is deeply personal

Allow your faith to grow as a moving, energetic force

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  1. David Harris says:

    Hi Rebecca another thought provoking concept in that faith does eminate a waking organised religion. To have faith you need to have this, not merely a soul mate. I believe that faith can grow silently inside and germinate to whatever we need or perceve it to be. Thank you so much again Rebecca.

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