We are That

We are That

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We are ThatWe are That

Can you imagine life without worries, no stress, being completely at peace and wholly content?

What if, all it takes is to accept That?

First what does That mean?

That means we are a part of something bigger, greater than just one person, one family or one nation.

That stretches beyond, creed, culture, colour, gender, job status, or whatever differentiates us.

That sweeps past skin and bones and enters deep into the hearts and souls of all.

That is cool, calm, angry, fiery and peaceful.

That loves, desires, holds and kisses.

We are That.

That clears the path for no judgment, unconditional love, acceptance, and compassion, if you remove That, people begin to compete, raise fists, close arms and build walls.

That holds doors open wide, where there are no locks, security cameras or tall spiky fences.

Once That gets forgotten eyes look down, hands no longer reach and people become invisible.

That is always there, it is up to us to lift That up, see That for what it is.

We are That.

Stop trying to do away with That, because That will always be around and at the end of the day we all yearn for That.

Even those people who profess That is not possible, because they are not the same, not one, or are separate, these same people are also part of That, they just can’t or do not choose to see it.

Their minds erect barricades, to maintain an illusion of their power, because if they see That exists, it means that everyone is now worthy, equal and deserving of respect, not just them.

That will free all of us from the sufferings of life; it opens arms to us all and liberates us from being alone.

You have a choice; it is up to you, to embrace or turn your back away from That.

To be part of That is one of the most precious gifts of all

Let us remember,

We are That, already


Recipe: I Am That Meditation

Find a quiet, comfortable seat, close your eyes

Take 3 deep breaths, relax body tension and mind wandering

Once you are ready,

Inhale; say silently or out loud ‘I am’

Exhale; say ‘That’

Feel the sensation of bringing the outer world into your body and exhaling your spirit out to the world, creating a union, where there are no barriers, judgments or limits

Repeat for 5 minutes

When finished, take a few minutes to sit with the experience and then get on with your day.

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