Wasting time

Wasting time

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wasting timeAre you wasting your time?

Often when I relax, I feel I am wasting time

Sitting and staring out the window, wasting time

Reading in the afternoon, wasting time.

Having a coffee with a friend during the day wasting time, drinking by myself even more wasteful

Meditating wasting time

Taking a nap wasting time

Watching a movie wasting time

Sleeping-in, wasting time

I am wasting time; the other side of the coin is the productive time.

When productive we are, working, writing, planning, preparing, reading for work, checking emails, responding back to people, cleaning, organizing…

During productive time, I cannot feel guilt or lazy, because I am being industrious, guilt plays no place in this kind of time.

Wasting feels like you are not doing, while being productive you are doing.

Wasting time is replete with guilt feelings, as my thoughts hammer me with what I ‘should’ ‘need to’ ‘or ‘have to do’.

Is this why I limit my wasting time? I don’t like feeling guilty.

The problem I have is, I like the wasting time activities; I like to read, sit in the sun and drink a cup of coffee. I love taking a nap during ‘working time’ and staring out the window.

Meditation is easy for me, because it is part of my job, I can call it productive time. For the majority of people sitting down to meditate might be considered wasting time.

What is wrong with wasting time? These are the times, I tend to be the most creative and at peace during these times, but that is only if I let myself be relaxed.

The problem is not taking time to relax, it is the subtext of what wasting time means in the modern world; you are idle. Wasting time rarely elicits emotions of pride either by the person being slothful or to others watching.

Yet, wasting time moments feel like I am doing something wrong, the child caught with the hand in the sweetie jar, I should be doing, instead of doing nothing.

And so…

The genius that I am decided if ‘wasting time’, connotated a negative feeling then why not just change the word to ‘spending time’. Let us see how this makes us feel.

Spending time on the couch

Spending time re-reading that novel

Spending time sitting still

Spending time in the bath

Spending time calling my mom

Think about it, spending time is what we do, we spend time at work, spend time practicing an instrument, spend time painting, spend time at the gym…

By spending time, we are being, not doing, our body is in the present, and our mind is also present.

What would you think about eliminating ‘wasting’ and ‘productive’ time, and creating one word for both ‘spending time’?

There is no longer either ‘productive or wasting time, as there is no discrimination between the two – one is bad and one is good. When you spend time it just is, a neutral statement.

Everything we do is ‘spending time’ – no judgments, no stress, no irritation… no guilt.

Let us simply change the words we use to describe what we do with our time.

Spend some time thinking about that!


Recipe: Spending Time Meditation

Find a quiet space, take 3 deep breaths

Repeat to yourself, ‘ I am spending time with myself”, repeat x3

Repeat to yourself, ‘ I am spending time alone’, repeat x3

Repeat to yourself, ‘ I am a spending time in stillness’, repeat x3

Repeat to yourself, ‘ I am spending time with me’, repeat x3

Take the next 5 minutes, sitting is silence, if your mind wanders into thoughts or guilt mode, simple start from the beginning, ‘I am spending time with myself’ …

Observe your guilt, or need to be doing, and come back to what you are spending time on.

No longer will you be wasting your time or being productive, spend your time living.

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1 Comment for “Wasting time”
  1. Hi Rebecca
    This last weekend was a ‘lazy’ one – my name for it because I am usually very project led – but I didn’t have much energy and friends and family weren’t around.
    Then yesterday afternoon I read your recent email on ‘spending time’ on myself and not feeling guilty.
    I have flirted with mindfulness but have never done it regularly. So I started and I hope to be able to sign on to your next Mindfulness Meditation course.
    I can’t get to Yoga next Saturday because I am away for a short break.
    So hope to to see you and Gerry on Satruday 18th. I assume there is no break for half term.
    Warmest wishes
    Jan Webb

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