Time to pause

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Time to pauseTime to pause

Hurrying through dinner, bedtime rituals, into bed. Then rushing awake, through breakfast, getting to work or wherever you must go quickly. Eating quickly, moving swiftly, talking hastily, listening briefly, tiring easily. Finally sitting, why not pick up your phone, rapidly sliding your finger until something interesting catches your eye. Bored now ready to move on. Getting up hurrying home or somewhere you must go, no breath, no time, no pause.

Take a pause

Slow down

A moment of silence

A Rest

A break

A breather

To be

Create moments of stillness, soothing states, to just stare, to be, no thoughts, no phone, no book, just to be.

Sit or stand, breathe in and breathe out, notice your body’s welcoming embrace as your breath enters and its liberating release as your breath leaves your body.

Feel your body breathe as a whole, your feet being touched by the breath, fingers caressed by the breath and the crown of your head tingling with the breath.

Take a pause, slow down

Take a pause into the unknown, where nothing seems to happen,

Its not dramatic, or exciting, it is just a moment in time when everything stops, thoughts, worries, concerns abate, leaving space for nothingness.

Nothingness takes getting used to; it feels boring, static, uninteresting at first, then it begins to feel ok, it may not offer the euphoric feelings you might be seeking, yet this pause is the creator of delight, when something deep inside you begins to stir.

Not a volcanic stir, but an unhurried one, almost undetectable, until you take that pause. That stir crawls up your spine at a snails pace, getting stuck in spots along the way, meandering without urgency, then it arrives, entering the thinking mind softly, tiptoeing, nudging its nose through synapses of your brain.

The stir has to pass various checkpoints, pausing at Threat, if stir gets through without Fear sabotaging it then it is almost home free, the final point is Desire.

Desire seeks excitement; it requires periodic fixes of heart pumping, enthusiastic occurrences, things to look forward to… things to do, a quiet stir may not be convincing enough to pass through Desire.

If it gets through this final checkpoint, chances are it snuck through without being seen, as Desire is strong and powerful. Desire despises the being state, it pushes against tranquility, it dares to destroy it by hurling anger and frustration until that delicate stir retreats.

You might perceive stir as lazy and unkempt, though stir is the very thing that is missing in all human’s lives, that moment of stillness and tranquility, although subtle in nature is the answer to life’s problems and the world’s frantic compulsion to be doing all the time.

The more you pause, the greater the chance that the state of being will regain its position amongst Threat and Desire, forming equal partnerships.

Take a pause; pause not just once, not twice, but multiple times a day.


Recipe: 5 Pauses a Day Exercise

Take 5 pauses a day

Some suggestions:

Meditate 5 – 10 mins

4 deep breaths

Eat without distraction, no TV, book, computer, phone, thinking or other person

Sit with a hot cup of something drink without distractions

Take a bath

Shower without planning the day, just shower

Walk mindfully, slow down

Listen to soothing music without doing anything else

Read a book

Stare into space for a few minutes

Close your eyes and rest


Float in the ocean or a pool

Lay on the grass, look at the sky

Watch the stars

Hug your lover without sex on your mind

Create your own moments of pause

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4 responses to “Time to pause”

  1. jan webb says:

    Took this in board, Rebecca. It was very helpful. Thank you Jan

  2. David Harris says:

    This I feels perfectly expresses the the time lines within we should be practising mindfulness. I.E All the time as part of our daily lives. I seemed to spend too long initially looking for the spare hour here or the 2 hours there, and never actually finding it. Great Rebecca thank you again.

    • Rebecca Jane says:

      Yes, I think it will take a lot of change the busyness of our lives, it become the norm now. We have to do it one person at a time. Thanks, as always for your feedback and unending support David.

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