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This is loveThis is Love

Love comes to us in many forms, beyond the obvious, beyond a lover, a child, or a pet.

Love is also captured by the subtleties of nature, the rhythm of life which occurs outside our windows and the constants, the rising and setting of the sun, the seasons.

Love can be experienced in your body as it sustains your life without your interference.

Love is also experienced in a moment in time, when everything just feels right, it does not need to dramatic, all is required is your presence.

If your presence gets drawn away, then the moment is missed.

Genuine love is experienced in the present, when there are no distractions.

Let us take a journey together experiencing love:

Sitting with a child on my lap, caressing my polished nails, this is love

While the sand embraces our bodies, this is love

As the air encircles us and enters our lungs, this is love

Her hair so soft and yellow, blowing in the wind touching my face, this is love

The moment of silence when no words are needed, this is love

Our skin touching one another, as the sea gulls fly above, this is love

Salty smells, sticky skins and sand between our toes, this is love

Sound of the waves crashing on the shore, while being enraptured by a child, this is love

Blue skies, fluffy clouds that watch from above, this is love

Suns rays warming the skin on a winter day, this is love

Older skin merging with the softness of unblemished skin, this is love.

Hearts both receiving love from one another, this is love

Love surrounds, envelops, and embraces us from everywhere.

A child is love and all else that plays a part in that moment is love.

Love is captured in the sun, the wind and the air, as in the waves, the sand, and the salty sting left on the skin.

This is love


Recipe: This is Love Meditation

This is love meditation takes you on a journey through your senses, drawing you closer to rhythm of life which surrounds you.

Love comes from within, but also from outside of you. When you are caught up in your headspace, you not only lose out on the energy within in your body, but also the energy that touches your body.

Now take a moment and sit quietly wherever you are; on a park bench, on the beach, on a bus, a passenger in the car…

Either with closed eyes or lower your eyelids slightly so you can awaken all of your senses and not be distracted by your sight sense.

Take 3 deep breaths, feel the inhale as it enters your nostrils and the exhale as it releases through your nostrils.

Notice the quality of the air; is it cool, frosty, warm, sticky, salty…? Once you identified the quality.

Repeat: This is love

Feel your chest rise and fall with the rhythm of your breathing

Repeat: This is love

Notice the sounds, smells, touch and tastes that surround you.

After each moment of awareness

Repeat: This is love

For the next 5 minutes, allow your senses to take you on a journey

Repeat: This is love after each

After 5 minutes, gently open your eyes and take a moment to absorb what you are feeling. Take your time to transition out of any meditation.

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