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Stressed the common response for pretty much everything when the senses and nervous system are overloaded

Stressed when tired, anxious, distracted

Stressed when excited, overwhelmed, insecure

Stressed when grumpy, hurt

Stressed is one of those words that lacks meaning, leaving you feeling lost, confused, possibly slightly satisfied, though where does that word take you?

Then what?  You are stressed!

What do you do then?

It becomes a throw away comment, such as ‘I’m busy ‘and ‘I am fine’

Everyone says it, so we say it

It is a label, similar to depressed, a succinct descriptor of how you feel.

Placing all your emotions under a one lid may seem crisp and efficient, though it traps you.

Traps you into the self-fulfilling prophecy of being stressed; not once in awhile but all the time.

Everything becomes experienced as stressful

Waking up, getting ready to leave the house, leaving the house, feeling stressed

Once involved in your day, feeling stressed

Stressed with the prospect of meeting someone new, going out with your work mates or going to the gym

Stress can be found in your happiest days, holidays, Christmas, a new baby or a first home and marriage

Stress creeps into the nooks and crannies of pleasurable times as it does sad times.

You cannot run or take cover from it; stress finds you, takes hold of you whether awake or sleep.

We find ways to get away from it, albeit only temporarily.

Get away by drinking alcohol to quell your nerves, smoke dope to zone out, eat greasy foods to warm your nerves and sleep to escape.

Then you sober up and guess what? Stress is still there with bulgy eyes and a quickened heart.

What can you do if there is nowhere to hide or run too?

Face stress head on, look at, and see it for what it is.

Stress is tired, happy, excited, lonely, disappointed, grumpy, overworked, underworked, irritable, hurt, embarrassed, impatient…

Catch stress as it enters your mind, before it leaves your lips, replace it with the actual emotion and then you no longer feel trapped or hopeless.

You can give it the appropriate label and do something about it or just the satisfaction of knowing what it is.

Recipe: Reframe Stressed Meditation

When feeling stressed, close your eyes and identify the physical sensations arising.

Tight shoulders, rapid heart rate, sweaty palms, tension in the chest, head, lower back, heaviness in legs and arms, tingles or another sensation

Then ask yourself, what am I feeling?

Tired, weary, anxious, excited, overwhelmed, bored, lonely, distracted or another feeling

Replace ‘stressed’ with the actual feeling

For instance, ‘I feel stressed’ with ‘I feel tired’ or ‘ I feel frustrated’ or ‘I feel angry’

Take 3 deep breaths and acknowledge that feeling

This is not the time to resolve the situation, just sit with it

Then open your eyes and get on with your day

Stop using ‘stressed’ as you catch all phrase for how you feel

Eventually, you will feel less stressed and more at ease and true to yourself


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