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What now? The body screams as it staggers home after a strenuous day.

Really!? The head thumps following a deluge of meetings and reading reports.

Yes, Stop! The heart races tired and forlorn having had little time for self.

Despite the chorus of requests to slow down, you push ahead.

Placing more things on your plate, taking nothing off.

Bring it on, you say, as your shoulders slump with fatigue.

I can do it, it has to be done, who else can do it but me?

So there you are with gritted teeth, locked jaw and eyes drooping, unrelentingly continuing on.

This becomes the way of life, you know no difference, aside from the inaudible voices deep from within, bubbling up, attempting to get your attention.

Stop! They whisper.

Stop!! They intensify.

Stop!!! They scream.

Then you may stop and listen, only because your body has been wrestled down with an illness or the mind has laid a heavy blanket of gloom over you.

This may be your catalyst to stop and take a respite, until you recover your health and energy, only to jump back on the fast track of life.

Stopping again only when the body shouts again.

The cycle continues, until recuperation takes longer, illnesses become chronic, life-threatening, and then you might stop.

This time stopping does not entail living healthy and well, it tucks you away in a vacuum of joylessness and suffering.

It sounds grim, but why wait to find out stop and slow down.

Say no more, leave your plate half empty and say yes to things that make you happy.

Stop and ponder this thought.


Recipe: Stop Meditation

When you notice that you are feeling tired, overwhelmed, stressed, unfocused, angry, irritable…

Stop, take 3 deep breaths, slow down.

Ask yourself honestly, “Am I doing too much?”

If you are feeling any of these feelings, odds are you are overextending yourself.

Stop again and take 3 deep breaths, slow down.

Ask yourself, “ What can I let go of?”

Remind yourself, that taking care of yourself is paramount to your long-lasting physical and mental health.

Don’t shortchange your needs.

Stop again, take 3 deep breaths, relax your shoulders, your face and sit up tall with your feet resting on the ground.

It takes time to chip away your schedule and create a new mindset that less is more.


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