Stop and look

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Stop and lookStop and look

Take a moment, stop, look around at what you see, listen to what you hear, feel what you feel.

What is happening now? Not what might, did, or will happen, what is happening now?

Anxiety, worries, and upsets soar into to the mind at such speed, catching you unawares, before you have a chance, you are swept up in a milieu of unknown fears.

Until thoughts are intercepted, worries and concerns dominate.

Asking the question ‘what is happening now?’ Halts worries in their tracks, immobilising them. Negative thoughts exist only when the mind is disconnected from the present moment.

Try it! See what happens to your frazzled nerves, dark thoughts and sweaty palms by stopping and looking at what is happening now.

All that is required is asking, “ What is happening now?”

Too simplistic, maybe, crude possibly, but it works!

What is happening now grounds you in the physical world, drawing you away from the mind’s obsession with creating chaos and pain.

What is happening now creates a safety net to fall into when negative thoughts become unwieldy.

What is happening now a reality check, a hook to hang anxieties on.

What is happening now, you ask?

My fingers are tapping on the keyboard

I hear an airplane above, a child crying and the wind knocking blinds

I see a computer screen with letters and words, my coffee next to me, a plant

What is happening now?

My shoulders are tense, ankles crossed, skin touching the chair

For those few moments, my mind no longer flailing to think a thought, it was given a job to answer the question and amazingly it did its job.

It’s a win/win, the mind can focus rather than go on tangents about this and that and you are anxiety free.

Free from what might, did or will happen.


Now give it a try!

What is happening now?


Recipe: Stop and look

Ground yourself with the question, “What is happening now? “when you are worried, anxious, overwhelmed, unfocused.

It only takes a few moments, silently or out loud say what you see, hears, feel smell, and taste.

Notice how your thoughts no longer gravitate towards what you were thinking, they are answering the question.

Practice this throughout the day.

Take a moment to stop and look!

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