Sadness is OK

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Sadness is OKSadness is OK

Let sadness express itself; it has a voice, a purpose and a place.

Sadness speaks to loss, disappointments, and hardships.

Softly and subtly drawing the mind into the fold of the body, protecting it from the storm outside.

There are no words spoken, though the body feels its presence.

Heaviness succumbs to limbs and muscles, shoulders droop, as do the corners of the mouth.

Sadness nudges its way towards the heart, side stepping happiness and hope.

Within in the heart sadness marks its spot; happiness makes a valiant effort to stave it off, though sadness stands strong it understands its purpose.

Its purpose to heal, heal old and fresh wounds, caused by loss, disappointments and hardships, removing distractions that interfere with healing.

Happiness despises sadness because of the suffering it evokes; it fears an end to happiness. Though sadness has no interest in settling down, all it wants is to heal, so it too can move on.

Sadness is OK; it helps you grow, strengthens your resilience with stress, opens your heart to others, and last but not least teaches you about you.

Resembling a growing pain, sadness too experiences achy muscles, dull moods, as with bones, once the sadness lifts, growth has already begun.

Let sadness express itself.

Sadness is OK.


Recipe: Sitting with Sadness

When you are experiencing sadness or within the same emotional family take a seat, close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths, sit with the feeling, notice its texture, shape, colour… where in your body is this feeling felt?

Notice if your first impulse is to push it away, or seek out a distraction. Be careful not to condemn yourself for doing so, just sit with it.

Breathe again and stay with the sadness, if it becomes too overwhelming, ground yourself, touch the ground, use the breath as your focal point.

The key is to observe your sadness without running from it.

With time, your sadness may lessen, remain as it was or heighten intensity

Say to yourself, ‘sadness is OK.’

Sit for 5 minutes maybe longer just to sit.

Then gentle open your eyes and get on with your day. Chances are you will need to revisit sadness multiple times, until sadness is replaced by happiness.

Sadness is OK

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4 responses to “Sadness is OK”

  1. Sarah Macfarlane says:

    I don’t know how your blogs always resonate so well with what I am feeling at the time but I am so very grateful to you. I’m coming back to yoga on Saturday!

  2. Christina Seguine says:

    You taught me so many things, and I still come back to tell myself and also others now what you said to me many is OK to feel; do not minimize your feelings; the sad days won’t last forever.
    All these years later, I still use what I have learned and I appreciate your blogs because I get to learn and relearn from you, I am very grateful.

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