Remembering when

Mar 18, 2018

Remembering when

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RememberingThat was then

How often do you look back and feel sad?

Remembering what was.

Knowing you could never go back, if you could it wouldn’t be the same.

Life is filled with those memories.

Photos portraying happy times, small children, wedding vows.

Hanging out with friends, being a child, laughing out loud.

That was then.

Why do past memories conjure up feelings of sadness, should it not be joy.

Joy that you had those times, joy that they are tucked away never to be forgotten.

At any point, you can reach down and pull it back up.

It seems ridiculous that such a happy time makes us sad.

It makes us sad because it is gone, never to happen again.

But remember those times were once now.

Soon you will be reminiscing about the now moments, wishing them back.

Those old photos are still with you, simply by looking at them brings them back.

Our mind does not let go of these memories, despite being past it can still bring you laughter and joy.

Is the past really gone forever?

I think not.

Then, Now and Future occur simultaneously.

Past takes a step to the side, creating space for now and future is waiting on the sideline to become present.

Memories don’t need to be sad or lost forever, they are patiently waiting to be remembered.

It is the grasping to not forget or the desire to relive the memory that makes us sad, otherwise, it would fill us with pure joy.

Let go of the grasping and see how good you feel.

Take a Pause Meditation: Letting go of grasping

Take a pause

Close your eyes

Recall a happy event in your life.

Notice what feelings come up for you: sadness, happiness, grief, longing, joy.

Most likely a mixture of all of these.

Longing to have the days back.

Happy that they happened.

Sad because you are older, they are older.

Whatever you feel, feel it fully, acknowledge it.

Don’t allow yourself to explain away the feeling, that you shouldn’t be feeling this or why you are feeling it.

Simply notice the feeling.

Take 3 deep breaths and let the sadness go with the exhale and draw joy and happiness in with the inhale.

Repeat as often as necessary until the sadness is replaced by joy.

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