I am in charge

Dec 17, 2017

I am in charge

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I am in chargeI am in charge

Repeat after me, “I am in charge.”

In charge of your choices, reactions and moods.

It is easy to blame society, your parents, great-grandma Martha or uncle Dave.

Our jobs, workplace, or area we live are the ultimate blame space.

Christmas sucks because it’s dull, mom always gets stressed, and Tom gets drunk.

New Years is doubly worse because we are always disappointed and get too drunk.

No matter what happens in life, as an adult we are in charge, despite crappy circumstances.

Blaming serves an immediate relief, you feel better, more powerful for a moment, and then you are back to you and your situation.

Don’t get me wrong I do it too.

I blame society for its busyness, the pressure to succeed and , not being able to buy a home in London…

Yes, I do it too.

But guess what?

Blaming only makes me angry, it might help me connect with fellow blamers, making me part of the crowd.

Once away from the crowd, I am back to where I was, incomplete, agitated and dissatisfied.

Until one day I realised I am the one in charge!

I am the only one who can change the course of my life, make the money I need, create calm in a busy world and enjoy Christmas despite the outward chaos.

I cannot change Uncle Tom or Aunt Jemima, let alone calm the nerves of Mamma Bear.

It is up to me, I can only change me!

I can walk into work with a smile of my face, drop my shoulders down below my ears and take the breath I had been holding for the past hour.

When Christmas or New Years comes, I can do the same and repeat to myself “I am in charge.”

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Recipe: I Am In Charge Meditation

Take 3 deep breaths – inhale through the nose – exhale longer through the mouth.

Relax after each exhalation

On the 4th breath:

Inhale – silently say, “I am”

Exhale – “in charge”

Repeat at least 10 times

You can do this meditation anywhere, with your eyes open, closed, at work, at home, on the bus, in the car… anywhere.

Remember you are in charge!

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ByRebecca Jane

A passionate exponent of helping improve people performance through mindfulness, pioneer of yoga and personal wellbeing, author and counsellor

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