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patiencePractice patience

You don’t know what to do, you feel lost, uninspired, and distracted.

There is little focus, no clear direction… where do you go from here?

Do you keep pressing on, take a pause or throw your arms up in despair?

Have you ever felt like that? Yes, of course you have.

You have a choice to ride out the storm or quit, riding the storm requires practicing patience, so often clutching for anything, other than these feelings appears to be the best idea at that moment.

Practicing patience, one of the most significant virtuous acts, is extremely difficult to do.

Who has time for patience, there is never enough time, decisions feel as if they require instant attention, and everything seems urgent.

The world we live in is immediacy driven; to not act quickly enough could mean you miss out, or someone else fills the gap. Speaking is quick, walking is quick, working and driving are quick, and eating is quick.

Practicing patience is the last thing you want to do. Patience creates the very thing that you want to avoid – quiet, calm and peace.

With patience comes, a break in the stream of thoughts, reactions and the action itself. It stops the propulsion forward, halting the movement, leaving you with one of those uncomfortable pauses. You know the ones, likened to the uncomfortable silences in a conversation, when you are grasping for words to fill the void.

You know that feeling, that moment of dread, until someone speaks, sweat prickles your skin, your throat tightens and your eyes flick back and forth searching for an escape.

Patience resembles an awkward silence, hanging heavily in repose as a thick morning fog diminishes movement, when nothing seems to be happening.

Nothingness sends shock waves throughout the body, maneuvering your senses towards something, something other than nothing.

It takes getting used to being patient, patience is merely waiting, waiting for the right move, just as in the game of chess or a cat waiting for a rustle in the grass.

If you are lost, unfocused, uninspired or distracted and your direction is unclear, try practicing patience. Take a pause; sit with that awkward moment of nothingness.

In time forward propulsion resumes and you are back on track again, don’t force the movement, wait and see. See, without the interjection of thoughts telling you to get on with it, or the sweaty hands reaching for a reprieve from the stillness.

Practicing patience is the antidote for everything; it is within the pause where everything exists, where the very thing, which inspires you, is.

Practice patience.


Recipe: Practice Patience Meditation

Next time you find yourself in a situation where you feel lost, uninspired, lacking in direction.

Stop, Pause and Wait

Breathe in and out

Inhale say Stop, exhale

Inhale say Pause, exhale

Inhale say Wait, exhale

Breathe in and out until you are enveloped with calm

Either get back to what you were doing or step away for a time.

Carry that sense of calm with you

This is patience, Stop, Pause and Wait.

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2 responses to “Patience”

  1. David Harris says:

    Thank you Rebecca. Excellent recipe for a group of people who practice mindfulness, as our practice and theory appear based on patience. Live for now, no hurtling to uncertain futures or dwelling in murky pasts.

  2. Rebecca Jane says:

    Hi, David again it is my pleasure. Patience is the essence of meditation, anything which tests our patience is the only way to hone this skill; welcome those moments. Practice patience in every aspect of your life.

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