Have an Experience

Have an Experience

flowersOn the ferry from Sausalito back to San Francisco many themes come to mind when I think about yoga…..balance, enjoying the moment, love, happiness, taking time for self, so what is the actual theme for this precise moment?

‘Have an Experience’ Yes this is it!

An experience is a moment in time when we are free from the routine of our daily lives, when we are forced to be in the present because there is so much to absorb, all our senses are heightened. When the auto pilot is turned off, we are now having to land the plane, and when it is essential that we are alert.

Why is having an experience essential for feeling alive?

Without them we actually do go through our lives without much recall for what has happened, it all becomes a bit of a blur.

During my last yoga class prior to this trip, the Thursday theme was to create memories…. how to do so to have experiences. It is not essential to travel to another continent we can do so by reading a book, watching a movie, or trying something new, go out with friends or people we would not normally spend time with.

So my message is to create an experience and experience it fully.

Sameness does it exist?

ChinaSelecting a theme for the week is like trying on different items of clothing before you leave for work. There are days you grab an outfit and it all works and then there are mornings not one of them seem quite right, even the final choice, as there is always no more time you just have to go to work.

I never quite understand why this happens. No day is ever the same as the day before. It is like our yoga practice, each time we sit down on our mat we expect the same as last time, but it is never quite the same.

Yet we ache for sameness, it provides us with a sense of safety, then we ache for variety, the sameness again, and so on.

Next week I will be in a different country, a different state. As much as I look forward to it, I will miss my routine and my yoga family.

I now completely get why people never move from their hometown or remain in a job, despite being unhappy or frustrated.

This week we are going to do some experimenting with noticing and embracing the fact sameness does not exist and that variety is the spice of life, without it, we stagnate.

The photo was taken a year ago on my trip to China – there I am with my little boy.

Waiting to be Inspired

giggleI am struggling with my theme for this week. I have written one and now am into to another, the earlier left me feeling dull and totally uninspired.

So I decided I needed to feel inspired today, to give myself a jolt of energy to get me through the day, very much when we crave for a cup of coffee.

So I sit and wait, look out of the window, and wait, nothing, wait! Oh crap nothing, ….. almost had something…. no nothing.

Why are there days we wakeup with a spark, a skip to our step… and days we can barely pull ourselves out of bed, let alone step outside the door?

Today I am stuck in my flat with two workmen, installing my windows. That in itself could be energising enough for a 50 year old lady. No…. wait… nothing.

Should I wait for the moment or do I elicit this inspiration myself?

I decided that inspiration comes in waves. Hence, the theme for the week is how to sit with being uninspired, and be okay with it. Because I know it will come again, maybe in a minute, later today or tomorrow.

Be Okay with what is, if it isn’t happening them embrace it anyway and have a giggle.