New beginnings

Dec 31, 2017

New beginnings

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New beginningsNew beginnings  

New year, new week, a fresh start, new job. 

All represent beginnings. 

The rhythm of our breath teaches us about beginnings.

Conscious breathing is a mindfulness tool, which keeps us in the present moment. 

Each inhalation marks a new beginning. 

How very cool that every time we breathe in, we get a fresh start. 

Offering new opportunities to try again, to re-think, re-configure and change the course you are on. 

By simply breathing in, you halt the urgency to move onto something else, to give up or refrain from sabotaging the very thing deep down inside you want to change.  

We all want a new beginning whether it is to be slimmer, healthier, learn something new, find romance, to stop smoking… 

I want to meditate more, lose a few pounds and write another book. 

It seems easy, I find myself getting excited about the prospect of accomplishing all three.  

Yet, being a realist and knowing myself I know I can only do one thing at a time or I will achieve nothing. 

The thought of a slimmer body, a healthier lifestyle, and new skills make us feel good…  

Until we start the diet, sit and meditate or write the book. 

Then most of us give up, resulting in feelings of guilt and frustration. 

Now we feel bad! 

Feeling bad destroys new beginnings. 

To feel good again all it takes is one step 

One step towards, one goal, one step at a time or in other words, a mindful presence.

Choose one new beginning (new habit), focus on it and perfect it, and then move on to the next. 

Mindfulness it the golden key to transforming new beginnings into reality. 

Join me in learning more about transforming your new beginnings into lasting habits click here for information on my January Mindfulness Course.  

Recipe: New Beginnings Exercise 

Choose one habit you wish to add 

Commit to 45 consecutive days practising the habit 

If you choose to eat healthier, choose to drink one glass of lemon water upon waking up, every day for 45 days or eating breakfast for 45 days. 

If improving sleep is your new habit, start with box breathing daily for 45 days. 

Learning a new skill may be your new habit, if it is cooking, cook one thing a day for 45 days, no matter how simple.  

Start with simple things first, because they build on the more difficult habits.  

Happy New Beginnings to you.  


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ByRebecca Jane

A passionate exponent of helping improve people performance through mindfulness, pioneer of yoga and personal wellbeing, author and counsellor

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