Lovers and clothes

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lovers and clothesLovers and clothes

Lovers and clothes appear an unlikely pairing, though both, lovers and clothing share an intimate space in our lives.

Clothes as lovers, hang around waiting to be touched, a passing stroke of a finger or a lingering caress.

Sometimes they sit and wait, gathering dust, moth eaten, inevitably growing old, smaller, larger and duller.

Clothes as lovers, inhale and scratch, kiss the neck, the clavicle, and the breasts, running the length of your legs and arms, penetrating your inner thighs.

Hugging the waist, wrapping around shoulders and writhing hips gripping far too tight or too loose. Bottoms prodded and clutched, outlining the shape.

Clothes are undeniably our courtesans flirting and tantalizing us until we want to scream or rip them off.

As with lovers, clothes can make us feel good or not, enrich or denigrate and play mind games convincing us that they will fit comfortably if only we are patient.

Clothes restrict and hurt, ruin our days, preoccupy our minds, as lovers do.

When clothes are the right fit, not too tight or loose, move with the body, pays you a compliment, is interesting and colourful, then you know it is to be preserved.

As with lovers, open the closet, ask as yourself, do I love this, can I live without it, does it hurt me, is it too rough or hard, and does it grip too tight, is too big, is it unflattering, does it make me feel good, dull or uninteresting?

How do these clothes make me feel?

As you would with deviant lovers, get rid of them, they are only clothes.

There will always be more clothes out there, fresher, newer, and more interesting ones; clothes that rest easy on your hips make you smile, and in turn, others smile back.

Less is best; remove all clothes that are hardly worn, you soon will forget about them, as with lovers.


Recipe: De-clutter your closet for a mindful life

A closet full of clothes, which no longer fit, or are too old, or rarely worn, is a closet to de-clutter.

Too many clothes, means too many choices, wasting time getting ready and can set the tone for the day.

Don’t keep waiting for the day you are thinner, bigger or when the fad returns.

All you have is today. Today, no matter what size or shape you are, find a few items that make you feel good.

When you feel good in your clothes, you move with ease and are less stressed about how you look.

If clothes are uncomfortable, they affect your mood, resulting in less movement, hiding, and avoiding.

Go through your closet and get rid of most of the clothes, donate them to charity.

Then start again. Choose based on your shape and desires now, not what was or what you hope to become.


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