Look and see

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Look & see

Looking but not seeing

Where are the carrots? Under the lettuce!

How about the Jam? Behind the milk!

Not noticing the brilliant sunshine, because you are looking down.

Looking but not seeing

A loved one looking but not seeing

Can any of you relate?

Screaming from the other room, “where did you say the chocolate is?”

You, yelling back, “Look!!!”

It does not take long for you to have to pull yourself up from your long awaited slumber only to move the jar of peanut butter an inch to expose the surreptitious chocolate bar.

Why is that you are able to see the chocolate and your loved one can’t?

Is it due to laziness, lack of imagination or dependency on your gifted ability to see?

Think about the times that you too have stared directly at the thing you are searching for and not seen it?

What about making an assumption about a person based on an initial glance, or skimmed an email missing the true meaning of what was being conveyed?

Are you doing exactly that as you read this piece?

What stops us from looking between, beneath, above, inside, or underneath?

Because there is never enough time and you are impatient, let’s blame your brain.

What does the brain have to do with it?

Time and patience indicating busy lifestyles and ‘Wanting It Now’ Syndrome, the brain because it has a limit to how much it can cope with at one time.

Our brains’ job is to fill in the gaps with its own interpretations to minimise information overload.

A quick look, your brain decides the jam does not exist or ask mom and that person you quickly judged looks a little like Jack the Ripper, therefore he can’t be trusted; there done and dusted says the brain.

Not a problem, if you don’t mind the massive holes in your daily life.

Holes that create that sense of life being a blur whizzing by leaving you wondering where time has gone.

The solution is to slow down and cultivate patience then you will recall more details, enrich your experiences, lessen false interpretations and ultimately discover where the chocolate is.


Recipe: Seeing with your eyes wide open meditation

This meditation teaches you the technique of seeing with your eyes open

Most of us are living blindly looking but do not actually seeing.

We rarely look at an object or a person without breaking them into parts or forming judgments

As we drink a cup of coffee, we see the white cup with the brown liquid and the shape of the handle.

When we look at something our eyes are continuously scanning the thing we are looking at then get distracted by other external stimulation.

In order to practice being present and turning inwards rather than outwards look at an object as a whole, not the fact it is made of wood, metal or plastic.

The beauty of this technique it can be practiced anywhere, on the train, bus, sitting at your desk

Pick an object and with a fixed stare keep coming back to the wholeness of the object until you begin to experience the sensation of connecting inward, the outer world continues on but without your awareness.

Look at that object as if you have never looked at it before – observe its freshness and delight just as baby’s do

That object will begin to disappear and you will now get a glimpse of your inner world

This technique brings back life, freshness, and vibrancy to your eyes.

With a regular daily, practices you will begin to notice things that normally were just passing glances or went unseen

Now use the next 5 minutes to concentrate on that object

Remaining present with your inner quietness

Gently open your eyes, sit for a moment and then get on with your day

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