Loneliness and boredom meet Inspired

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Loneliness and bordom meet InspiredLoneliness and boredom meet Inspired

Loneliness and boredom together are the saddest friends

Their crooked arms link with one another, holding each other up

Loneliness hides beneath the covers, while boredom stirs seeking refuge from nothingness.

When the two get together, they are the oddest of companions, both forlorn with droopy eyes.

Nothing is spoken; their presence envelops one another, neither one pushing the other ahead.

They rely on each other to get through the day, laying on beds, couches and such, energy zapped, nowhere to go, nothing to see.

Until Inspired marches in, with eyes round and wide, arms pumping with vigor and fingers pointing.

Inspired, takes hold of Loneliness and Boredom, scoops both up as if one, looks penetratingly into their eyes, right through to their soul, saying,

“Get up!!!!”

“Get out of your rut!”

“You two have been friends for way too long”

Loneliness and Boredom, wipe their bleary eyes, focusing on the dynamic presence of Inspired, almost afraid to move, not sure what to do, where to go, what to be.

Inspired, quite powerful, not intimidating at all, smiles the smile that leaps off walls and penetrates us all. The smile that shakes the ground we walk on.

Loneliness looks inconsolably towards Boredom, their eyes meet, and sigh a touch of relief their days are numbered for the time being. They know their friendship has reached an end, as Inspired as joined the fold.

A threesome is not the same as a twosome, especially if the third to join is Inspiration. There is no room for the three in one bed, couch and such.

Inspiration takes it’s all, Loneliness and Boredom are sequestered to the floor.

Once Inspiration makes its presence there is no turning back, as Loneliness and Boredom, slink away with heavy hearts and weary souls, they creep underneath the bed still friends.

Underneath they lay, listening as Inspiration settles down on the bed that was once theirs, not quietly, or gently, but with exhilaration, the bed shakes and sways.

So Loneliness and Boredom, retreat once again, until Inspiration, tires and slinks away giving the space back to Loneliness and boredom, and then it starts again.


Recipe: Getting Inspired Meditation


There will inevitably be many moments when you feel stuck, either you are bored or feeling lonely, or the two together.

Rather than doing what you might do intuitively, is to find a distraction, turn on the TV, search the web, grab a book, or call someone, allow yourself to sit with the feeling of boredom/loneliness.

Find a quiet space to sit with your feelings of boredom/loneliness

Close your eyes and allow the feelings to be, do not make any attempt to push them away

Sit and breathe and notice where you are experiencing these feelings in your body

Breathe and sit with them

Wait, until either the feeling dissipates or you are ready to get up

Do not condemn yourself for having these feelings, as they are felt in all humans

Repeat if necessary

Through our feelings of boredom and loneliness, often comes the opportunity for growth

Don’t be afraid of them lasting too long, as they rarely do

All you have to do is wait and see

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2 responses to “Loneliness and boredom meet Inspired”

  1. David Harris says:

    What a fantastic analogy Rebecca, loneliness and boredom imagined as two sad individuals relying on each others support for their own existence.

  2. Rebecca Jane says:

    This was written while I was in a dark place, I gave these two feelings human qualities, because of how powerful they can become when you are down. I do appreciate and look forward to your comments, David!!

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