Feb 11, 2018


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lazyLaziness is a common thread in everyone, rather than fighting it, use lazy moments to understand yourself better, grow and get on with life.

Is this you?

I am Lazy!

I should be doing something rather than sitting on the couch.

Dreaming about the next time I can rest again and chill out.

Maybe I will do that one thing I need to do, vacuum, answer that email, write some music, go for a run, buy groceries, eat healthy, stretch…

No, I am lazy!

I cannot even get up off the couch, off my phone.

What is wrong with me!

Why is it so hard, such an effort just to do one simple thing?

It’s cold out, I am tired, I am lazy… excuses run awry.

What is my problem?

Maybe I will take I nap.

My laziness makes me tired.

Lying there, consumed with guilt, my mind is having a field day, it now has full reign over me.

Disgusted with myself because I could have gotten up, the mat to stretch is literally a few feet away, it is sitting there waiting for me to get my lazy a*s off the couch.

God, I am lazy

My computer is approximately the same distance waiting for my inspiration to spew from my fingers.

Why is it so much of an effort?

I am now up, in the kitchen looking for food, I open the cupboards and see cans of tomato sauce, next to them are the bag of crisps.

Should I make a Bolognese sauce?

No, I am lazy!

Crisps are my dinner and throw in a banana for good measure.

Back on the couch, munching away eating as if I had not eaten in days, unaware of the taste, forgetting to chew, eating to fill my boredom and all-encompassing guilt.

Let me flip on the TV.

Boy, am I lazy!

Recipe: Get yourself off the couch exercise

Laziness is a behaviour experienced by all animals, but it is considered a negative trait in humans.

In contrast, it is ok for a dog or a cat to be slothful, devoting all day to sleeping, resting, and doing nothing all day.

Human brains have laziness wired into their brains as doing something wrong.

Lazy periods don’t always feel good unless you have worked hard then it is has been earned, your reward. If it goes on too long or comes out of an unproductive day then lying around stimulates unhappy feelings.

Whenever laziness is mentioned either to you or to someone, it triggers feelings of guilt, disgust, and frustration.

What I find interesting is that telling yourself you are lazy only compounds your sluggishness; it creates more fatigue and less motivation.

If it that it the case try repeating the words from  “I am lazy” to “I am relaxed”, “I am creating” “I am enough”, “ I am motivated” or create your own phrase.

Simply reframing to a positive statement, even if you don’t yet believe it, will motivate you; giving you the energy/inspiration to do what you want to do.

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ByRebecca Jane

A passionate exponent of helping improve people performance through mindfulness, pioneer of yoga and personal wellbeing, author and counsellor

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