Just in case

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Just in caseJust in case

You forget the world is a dangerous place.

The mind won’t let you forget.

The mind shifts towards pain and worry navigating from thoughts that may brighten your day.

Just in case you forget the world is a dangerous place.

The mind leaps across cavernous gorges, tirelessly devoted to the pursuit of hurts and irritants, just in case.

A dilemma faced by most, some more than others; nevertheless it is all part and parcel of being alive.

The mind keeps watch over potential dangers; it wanders into dark, unforgiving places, just in case.

Just in case you forget that the world is a dangerous place.

The mind assumes a vigilante stance spotting possible perils, real or imagined, to safeguard your life.

There is no stopping the mind, it remains steadfast until it finds what it needs, going to lengths, drawing upon forgotten memories, lifting boulders, jumping through fire, risking it all to expose the hazard.

Refusing to take a gamble, just in case.

Staring into the eyes of others probing for malicious intent, if not obvious, it will scavenge to find a flaw, just in case.

Relieved, the mind can rest, but only for a second, it is off again.

Yet the world is a dangerous place.

Don’t blame the mind; it is only doing its job, the job of keeping you alive.

Despite evolution the mind is stuck, foretelling and creating thoughts that are meant to safeguard your life, though unknowingly is dulling your life.

Trapped in a groove, so ancient and deep, the mind holds on for dear life,

Just in case


Recipe: Reducing Negative Thinking

Simply by observing your thoughts will lessen the hold on potential dangers

Take moment several times a day, to observe your thoughts, place a label on them, pleasant, unpleasant or neutral

Once thoughts receives a label, take a deep breath and watch the thought diminish or retreat.

A thought’s power depends on you, if you fuel it by grasping on to it, it will remain strong and steadfast.

Observe your thoughts with neutrality and eventually the groove of negative thinking loosens and a new groove is created.

You are no longer living, just in case.

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