Interested or Committed?

Dec 3, 2017

Interested or Committed?

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Intersted or Committed?Interested or Committed?

Straddling between the two?

Are you interested or committed?

Interested in that girl or boy, or committed?

Interested or committed to your job?

Interested or committed to your wellbeing?

What is the difference?

If interested you are dabbling, dreaming, meandering along a path, with one foot forward and one foot behind, and not ready to take the plunge.

Commitment feels different as both feet are planted firmly on the ground; you are sure what it is you want.

When interested the energy behind it feels frail and spongy, not solid and robust like commitment.

An interested person is someone you are unsure of; you cannot quite trust they will do what they say, most likely they will not.

“Hey, lets get together soon” with no date scheduled are they interested or committed?

Now a committed person is steadfast, faithful and will persevere no matter what.

We all know of someone in our life like that; mums, dads, a friend… partner?

It is also apparent those who are just interested.

All commitments start out as interests however; most interests never progress into commitments.

Interested to exercise, with no commitment to follow through.

Interested in the idea of  meditating daily, though never start

Half at work and half at home, interested.

Fully at work or fully at home, committed.

Let’s be honest it is more fun to be interested, because it takes no effort or risk of failure.

Once committed it is a harder more treacherous road than interested

Why commit then?                                                                               

Because commitment is the only way to grow as a person and the only way to build resilience.

It is about grabbing hold of the stars, rather than just reaching for them.

Commitment gives life purpose and meaning and ultimately our inner peace and happiness.

Why not take a risk and commit to your interest.


Recipe: Commitment Breathing Exercise

Our breathing patterns can teach us about whether we are committed fully to what we are doing

If shallow, less committed

If deep, more committed

Settle into a comfortable seat, close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths

Begin to feel a breath, as it enters your nostrils and observe the movement into your chest and the expansion of the belly

As you breathe out notice the movement of the breath as the belly draws in, and the breath moves into our chest and throat and out your nostrils.

With the next inhale, take a shallow breath, don’t fully commit to your breath and exhale. Do this a few times

Commit to making changes in your life for the New Year

Why not commit the January the course, details on the link below (click on ‘Mindfulness Course’)

Mindfulness Course

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ByRebecca Jane

A passionate exponent of helping improve people performance through mindfulness, pioneer of yoga and personal wellbeing, author and counsellor

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