Heavy load

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heavy load?Heavy load?

Are you carrying a heavy load?

How do you endure it day after day?

Heavy loads come in different shapes and sizes; some large, small, repetitive, niggling whatever the form they drag you down.

Weighing heavy on your shoulders and heart, if carried too long the body personifies the burden through sagging shoulders, head hanging forlornly and the body has lost its swing.

Burdens present in many guises, showing up as incessant worries, self-deprecating beliefs, perfectionism, and an unyielding quest for happiness.

Such afflictions clutch on for dear life.

Heavy loads are part of life, though the ones that remain a burden are the ones that are never offloaded, they drag you down.

Worries preserve their weight by creating new concerns, even when the old one has been resolved.

Self-disparaging thoughts retain their burdensome heaviness until self-awareness creeps in.

Perfectionism, a farcical waste of time, since it is one of those impossible endeavors, though how many people attempt it anyway? What a useless load to carry.

Seeking happiness is another example of silliness, how many times have you sought your so-called ‘happiness’ and when it was within reach it immediately loses its appeal?

Why continue to carry these burdens despite the futility of them?

None of them lighten your life; all they do is add weight.

The first step to lightening your load is to acknowledge its presence and then slowly remove it piece by piece.

Then notice how light you feel.


Recipe: Lighten your load Meditation

First, identify the four burdens:

Worries, self-deprecating beliefs, perfectionism, and quest for happiness

Which one is present in you now?

Look at your choice with closed eyes, do not judge or wish it away, simply watch it.

Say silently to yourself which one it is: worry, self-deprecating beliefs, perfectionism or happiness.

Keep it there until it begins to dissipate.

Open your eyes and get on with your day.

Repeat until the burdens lighten and their energy reduces to a flicker.

Observe how much lighter you feel.

Be patient.

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