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Get Lost?

How many of you have lost something?

Keys, wallet, your dog, motivation or mojo?

Keys and wallet, however frustrating can be replaced.

Dog under normal circumstances found.

Motivation and mojo regained

Losing something are things once known

Now getting lost is different

Becoming lost is allowing for the unknowns to emerge.

We lose people we love, things we value and energies where they become part of the storehouse of memories.

But when we allow ourselves to get lost, to venture into unknown spaces, and try new things our world expands.

Losing things remind us of the past, while getting lost is a present moment experience.

Because there is no vantage point when lost, emotions are rampant, so intense and loose that there is not an area in your body, which is not bursting with aliveness.

Though frightening being lost can be, exhilaration meanders close behind.

Losing things leave us sadden, pining for what was, getting lost hurdles us forward into the unfamiliar, it changes us.

None of us like to lose things or get lost, both elicit distress.

Yet, we all lose things whether we like it or not.

Getting lost can be avoided at the cost of losing our self, our potential and what gives us a purpose.

We avoid by sticking with what is known

Since loss is inevitable, getting lost should be so too.

If you never take risks or venture into the unknown, then you are missing the essence of living?

Make the time to get lost.


Recipe: Getting Lost Meditation

Find a comfortable seat and close your eyes

Take 10 deep breaths inhale through the nose and out through the nose

Once relaxed take your minds eye deep within and imagine you are on a beach, woods or anywhere of your choosing

You are alone; no one is sight, but you,

Look around and decide which way to walk, it doesn’t matter because you don’t have a planned direction

Follow your intuition and begin to walk.  What do you see, is it cold, warm, hot?

Is it sunny, cloudy or rainy?

Choose anything; play with it because this is your journey into getting lost

Observe your emotions, allow them to arise

After 5 minutes notice where you ended up, what it was like to not know where you are and where you are going

Was your heart pumping, skin tingling, afraid or excited?

Do not judge yourself, it does not matter, only that you are on a journey into the unknown


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