Finding your soul mate

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finding your soul mateHave you found your soul mate?

First, what is a soul mate?

Is it a person, of course it’s a person. Or is it?

If it is a person then some of us believe we have found our soul mate, some are looking or some have given up.

Why are some the lucky ones and some so very unlucky?

Is it possible, that a soul mate is not a person, but an actual soul?

If we look outside of ourselves for a soul mate, will we always be disappointed?

What if that soul mate, is inside you and has been a part of you all the time? All you need to do is listen closely, be still long enough to hear the whispers from within.

What wasted energy is expended on searching and hoping that one day your soul mate will appear, when it is already here?

Or if your soul mate dies or leaves you, then you are left alone, either searching again or resigning yourself to a life of loneliness.

What if your soul mate never dies or leaves you because it is waiting patiently inside you?

The human brain is ill equipped to grasp things that cannot be touched or seen, anything ethereal is often cast aside as mystical or magical thinking.

A human soul mate, makes perfect sense, as they are physically available, they lay next to you, hold your hand, tell you they love you, as with a spirit soul mate, there are only whispers, nudges in your belly, heart palpitations and flushes.

Now if you are fortunate to have found your human soul mate, it is inevitable they will let you down or a disappointment.

It is inevitable, human soul mates, will fall from grace, but spirit soul mates are steadfast, never leaving you alone, always holding you up, loving you, and reminding you are loved.

So stop looking outside for your soul mate, take a look inside. Once you find your soul mate, that soul mate will be there to help find your human mate. Your soul mate will make sure that person loves you and lifts you up, because he/she wants what is best for you.

First look inside and connect with your soul mate and then your human mate can be found.

Have you found your soul mate?

Look inside, not outside

Your soul mate is waiting.


Recipe: Finding your soul mate meditation

Settle into a comfortable seat, with your hands, palms down resting on your knees, arms soft

Take deep breaths

Once you start feeling relaxed and your mind settles down

Take your hands and flip your palms up

Silently or state out loud as you speak to your soul mate.

“I am listening, I am here, and I can feel you”

Pause for a moment and wait.

Notice what is coming up for you, physical sensations, thoughts, feelings, your hands may begin to tingle and become warm.

Sit with all that you are experiencing for 5 – 10 minutes

When ready, gently open your eyes and then get on with your day.

Repeat often and soon you will begin to connect with your soul mate

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2 responses to “Finding your soul mate”

  1. David Harris says:

    Thank you again Rebecca. This is something I have never thought of I must admit. I believed as probably the majority of people do that a soulmate has to be another person. Not something discovered inside of you. I will meditate on this as you suggest. Excellent.

  2. Rebecca Jane says:

    I felt the same way David, until one day while I was meditating I heard a little voice and became apparent that we have guide or what I refer to as our soul mate who sticks by us. I kept a space between the soul and mate because our inner soul mate is not the same as the outer one we think we have or are looking for. At first I did a spell check and soulmate was separated and I kept it that way.

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