Feel guilty?

Jan 20, 2018

Feel guilty?

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feel guiltGuilt, shame and anxiety are the three most excruciating emotions.

Emotions, which appear to come out of nowhere

You might be at work, innocuously speaking on the phone… Wham!

Guilt rushes straight to the pit of your belly, within seconds  you are now feeling bad and nauseous.

A friend sends a message chatting about what you had said the night before… Wham!

Shame, bypassing the tummy going straight for the neck and face, blood painting the face red.

Wondering how in the hell could I have made such a fool of myself?

Lying on the couch relaxing, Wham!

Anxiety flops on top of your chest, belly and legs turn to jelly, you are now flailing for a direction, unable to move.


Guilt, shame and anxiety the most despised sensations in the selection of emotions.

If asked which emotions you dislike the most, these would at the top.

All three make you feel like shit at the moment and hours to days later.

Coming out of nowhere, rippling through your ordinary day like a nuclear bomb.

Once these emotions emerge there is no easy way of shaking them off

They like to stick around; despite the rationalizations, these emotions run deep.

So deep that they can be found in your DNA

Look around you everyone you see has experienced these.

Our species survived thousands of years because of these 3 shitty emotions.

Science refers to them as ‘Inhibitory Emotions’, emotions that stop you from killing those closest to you.

Those who experienced these emotions lived to pass these emotions on.

Guilt, shame and anxiety force you to recoil and not harm others.

Great you might scream, but do I need these now?!

No, all three emotions are referred to as “Negative Legacy Emotions” meaning they are no longer useful.

They are not only no longer useful and unpleasant to say the least but induce low self-esteem, submissiveness and depression.

No, you do not need these anymore unless you are a violent person.

For most of us, we can let go of them.

But how?

Stay tuned, next time on how to get rid of guilt, shame and anxiety.


Recipe: Guilt, Shame and Anxiety Self-Examination Exercise 1

For the next time, keep a list of when have felt any or all of these emotions.

Sometimes they are experienced two at a time

Write down the emotion.

What was the event that triggered it/them?

What were the physical sensations?

How long did it last?

What thoughts did you have around the same event?

This exercise is simply to examine those 3 emotions

Next time: How to let go of guilt, shame and anxiety

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ByRebecca Jane

A passionate exponent of helping improve people performance through mindfulness, pioneer of yoga and personal wellbeing, author and counsellor

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