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FearlessFear Less

Part 2 of Without Fear

Fearlessness starts with acknowledging that you, like much of the human race are loaded down with fearful feelings. Weighing heavily on hearts and souls until there leaves little space left to take a deep breath.

When anxious and stressed our breathing shortens and quickens, hampering the bodies’ movements. Leaving muscles weak and tense.

Fear-based feelings hold us back, literally and figuratively. Our bodies lean backwards when we are fearful and state an untruth, and move forwards when we are fearless and honest.

What we say plays a significant role in propagating fearful feelings, affecting everything from health to achieving dreams.

Let us take a look at some of these common words and phrases:

I must, I have a problem, can’t, have to, it is impossible, I should, I don’t want to, I wish I hadn’t, I am busy, it’s overwhelming, why did I commit, why is this, why did I say that, I will try, hopefully…

As these words are spoken or thought, the body reacts by activating energies referred to as feelings/emotions, energies such as, anxiety, stress, embarrassment, shame, guilt, fear, doubt… and so on; all fear-based feelings.

None of us want to feel this way. How then can we eradicate fear-based feelings or fear less?

It is easier than you think, all you need to do is state the word “I am fearless” or simply “fearless”, when you notice you are experiencing a fear-based feeling. You might not think something so easy can be effective.

Humans tend towards more complicated methods, if it is too easy then something must be wrong or there must be a catch. Trust the idea that what you tell your subconscious, your body will react to that thought with the same energy received.

For instance, if your thoughts are fearful, your feelings resemble that thought, alternatively, if you are stating fearlessness, you will feel courageous and empowered.

Each time you replace a fear-based feeling or thought with a ‘fearlessness’, you are chipping away at the mountainous accumulation of fearful feelings; dislodging them one by one until the body loses a grip with them.

What you are doing is telling the subconscious that you are fearless, rather than scared, embarrassed, stressed, guilty…. There is no need to analyze or rationalize, simply state ‘fearless’

Fearless sends a powerful message bypassing the mental games the mind plays to safeguard fear, the heart rejoices when empowered, leaving the body to move forward with ease.

The new fearless you will begin to feel lighter, more fluid, as fear, stress and worry are superseded by calm, peace, gentleness and love.

Go for it, you have nothing to lose, but fear.


Recipe: I Am Fearless Meditation Mantra

Find a comfortable seated position or this can be done in any position, just make sure your back is straight, shoulders are relaxed and your head is slightly back over your pelvis.

Eyes can be closed or open. If open look down with a soft gaze.

Take 5 deep breaths

Notice what feelings are bubbling up, if fear-based take a breath in and state ‘I am’, breath out state ‘fearless’, or simply say ‘fearless’ using one full breath.

Observe your feelings and body responses, continue practicing this for 3 minutes.

‘I am fearless’ or ‘fearless’ is a mantra/phrase you can say whenever you notice a fear-based feeling, state it and then continue doing what you are doing.

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