I am enough

I am enough

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enoughWhere do we start from, most begin with I want, I need, I have…

Rarely I am, I am already ok, I am whole, I am enough…

Why? Why is it so hard to wrap our head around the idea that we are enough?

Most likely because when we are in our heads, we are never enough, never ok, never whole.

Our heads create a constant wave of seeking improvement, seeking the need to excel, seeking the desire to move ahead.

The head cannot accept things as they are, it is in a continuous state of searching for more, and believe it or not it is actually doing its job.

The problem does not lie in the head; it lies in the fact that we have become reliant on the head for it all.

What about the heart, what about the gut, the feet, the hands, legs…?

Yes, what about them?

Below the head there is a vast untapped space and energy, larger than you could ever imagine, it has more intelligence than your brain can offer.

The head, particularly the neocortex, the newest part of the brain, knows very little, though we place such faith in it knowing it all.

It is very much like asking a two-year-old what the meaning of life is; two-year-olds haven’t lived long enough to even understand that question.

Below the head is where the real knowledge is; it is the wisdom of billions of years of being alive.

Though where are most of us, in our heads?

Looking for guidance from a brain that can only receive and regurgitate information that is handed to them, the intelligence that has depth and credence is below the head.

So, when you repeat to yourself, ‘I am enough’, your head rebels against the idea you can possibly be enough because the head fears complacency. If you buy into being enough, the brain, triggers, feelings of discomfort, boredom and dissatisfaction throughout your body.

The head is pushing you to keep moving.

Now step below the head enter into your heart space and your gut, leaving the head alone, your body invites the warmth and love, creating a sense of calm.

Below the head, it knows you are enough because it has it all in hand. It knows who and what you are, it knows of your potential, it knows your strengths and weaknesses and so on.

Below the head, knows and will guide you not to improve upon what you are, but will expose you to who you are already. By removing the voices, which tell you, you are not good enough… not pretty enough…not thin enough… not smart enough…not enough.

Those voices are your head speaking, so you can keep trying harder, keep on keeping on, leaving your head spinning, never feeling ok, never feeling whole… never feeling enough!

When your body speaks, it says, you are enough, look inside and see. You are just right, look inside and see.

Your head is just doing its job to keep you alive, its job is not to bring meaning to your life, or help you find joy…

Your heart, gut, feet, legs, arms… are the ones who will assist you.

Take a look below the head and see.

You will see you are enough.


Recipe: I am enough meditation

Closing your eyes or looking towards something with a soft gaze

Take 3 deep breaths, through the nose

Then as you inhale say silently or out loud ‘I am’

Exhale, ‘enough’.

Repeat for 5 minutes or more.

Use this mantra as your focal point when your mind wanders off

As well as the mantra to communicate to your subconscious, that you are enough.

You are enough!

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