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Are you empowered?

To answer this, first one needs to understand what empowerment means.

Lets start with what it is not:

It is not:

Indecisive, passive, aggressive, dithering, weak, indifferent, submissive, docile, meek, conniving, compliant, judgmental, obedient, a ‘yes’ person, self-abusive, self-doubt, self-critical, self- destructive, and rigid.

It is:

Honest, open, listening, pro-active, risk taking, assertive, nonjudgmental, resolute and self-accepting, self-discovery, creative, flexible, forthright, and loving.

Empowerment is the secret ingredient of self-love; it is the flour in our cakes.

Without it, there is no grounding or structure resulting in limiting your potential, self-destruction, illness, depression and no sense of self.

Empowerment begins with you, saying ‘no’, or ‘let me get back to you’ before answering ‘yes’.

If empowered, you will stand your ground, yet be willing to listen to others with an open mind.

While being able to walk away before you say too much, decide and stick with a decision, and be willing to take a detour if necessary.

An empowered person can move with confidence and fluidity, they are not stiff or flimsy. Their head remains upright, shoulders relaxed and feet firmly planted.

This empowerment journey starts with your posture and deep breathing.

A person whose breath is even and relaxed exudes confidence, even if inside your are not there yet.

Then move onto setting boundaries, listen actively and take chances.

Place yourself in uncomfortable situations, take a breath, try, falling is a possibility, though if so get up and dust yourself off.

Laugh at yourself, stroke your back, remind yourself that you are powerful and will persevere.

That is empowerment


Recipe: Empowerment Meditation

Set a timer for 5 minutes.

Sit on a chair; make sure your feet are directly under your knees, firmly planted.

Make sure your back is not leaning against the back of the chair, reach the crown of your head towards the ceiling; relax shoulders and face.

Invite your eyes to close or look towards the ground with a soft gaze.

Breathe in and breathe out, 3x

Next, inhale, repeat ‘I am”, exhale, “strong”, “powerful”, “that”, “decisive”, “confident”… or a another word that best fits.

The words may change each time you practice this exercise depending on how you feel that day.

Repeat the breathing sequence with the phrase, until the bell rings and gently open your eyes and get on with your day.

It may help to place a Post it on your desk or computer to remind through the rest of the day.

That is empowerment.


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