Emotions gone wild

Rebecca Jane | March 3rd, 2018 |
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emotionsDo your emotions ever run wild?

Surge through your body like a freight train out of control.

Perhaps you are angry, your jaw and fists tense, you either yell or keep quiet.

Or without warning fear envelops your body, clutching hold of your belly, speeding your heartbeat, incapacitating your speech.

Guilt and shame mosey their way in trapping themselves in your shoulders and neck.

We have all been there.

Moods that swing like monkeys.

Times when we are down in the dumps.

So anxious we would rather choose death over living (hint: public speaking).

Bored, desperately seeking an escape.

Who would have thought emotions had such power and pain?

Our bodies absorb and bury emotions like a sponge.

Organs, muscles, bones and cells fall victim to dis-ease.

These emotions get trapped and toxic because most likely you a deal with them by either:

Repressing: Let me push it away for now.

Denying: I am not feeling that.

Express: Yell or share with someone your feeling; this gives the emotion more power.


Before throwing in the towel of utter despair.

There is something you can do instead!

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Recipe: Letting Go Exercise

Acknowledge:” I am feeling anxious or _______.”

Sit with it: “I am feeling anxious in my belly and chest”, “it is ok”, “take a deep breath”, once the feeling begins to lose its grip and power.

Let Go: Take a deep breath in say “Let” and breath out, say “Go”.

Seems too easy or good to be true?

Trust me it works!

Do this with all those distressing emotions.

Freeing up space for joy, love and peace.

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