Cultivating Joy

Rebecca Jane | February 4th, 2018 |
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cultivating joyCultivating joy requires the balancing of the highs and lows.
Have you ever experienced great joy after completing a task?
The joy emanating from the effort, wiping the sweat from the brow kind of effort.
When you were determined at all costs to make that something happen.
With the knowledge that it would take time, backslides, frustration, yet still persevere despite the effort.
In sharp contrast when something is given to you on a silver plate when a minimal effort is required.
Even if it is given to you with good intentions but left you feeling unfulfilled and joyless.
The experience of joy is well worth it despite the knocks and setbacks, the knocks and blows are what create the joy.

But joy comes at a price; the price is that you won’t get anything, easily or swiftly.

Things that are handed to you without your own effort eventually fizzle and fade into emptiness.
Whereas joy beams a bright light, energising and stimulating your creative juices, not sputtering to a stop.
If your wish is to experience more joy and less emptiness, then an effort is necessary, as would be patience, perseverance and an assortment of uncomfortable feelings.
Joy requires stress and resistance, swings of frustration, despondency and exhilaration all joys energy source.
Emptiness gets off easy, though let’s be honest which would you choose?
Joy or Emptiness

Wellbeing Recipe: Cultivating Joy Exercise
List some of your most memorable accomplishments.
Next, make notes next to each one with how they made you feel during and after and did they require effort.
Take a moment to explore the feelings that are being triggered by this exercise.
Now, let’s look at the present moment, what goal/task are you engaged in currently, reflect on how you feel.
If your feelings are negative; frustrated, scared, overwhelmed or tired, possibly leaning towards the positive spectrum; excited, pumped or exhilarated.
Neither one is the right or wrong emotion; chances are you will vacillate between both when an effort is involved.
Don’t give up when negativity creeps in, understand that this is part and parcel of achieving joy, joy requires an amalgamation of negative and positive emotions.
How then can you stick with it and remain focused on the end result?
Breathe Deeply
Remain present
Stay aware of the emotional swings
Pat yourself on your own back; be kind to yourself
Remind yourself, it will all be worth because in the end, you will feel joy
Joy is our lifeblood, the essence of being alive and is the nectar for a fulfilling life.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Well timed tonight! Thank you for insightful and prescient comments as always

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