Personal Wellbeing Counselling

Would you like someone to talk to and help?

If the answer is “yes” Then I can help you find a resolution and get your life back on track.

Individual Counselling can help

But why choose me as your Counsellor?

With 25 years experience working in the field in the US and UK, Rebecca Jane BPS, LCSW, HPCP  has helped many people overcome many issues and rebuild their lives. She provides a unique mind body approach to counselling, building upon her expertise in Mindfulness.

It is highly personal, open and supportive my specialisation is helping people with: Depression, Anxiety, Low self-esteem, Problem solving, Stress, Mood instability, Low energy, Live happier lives, Make changes in your life, Improve relationships, Helping you achieve your full potential.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic, Solution-focused, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Family Systems. unique mind body approach to counselling, mindfulness specialist.

Rebecca says:

‘What I love about therapy is that in the consulting room we are sheltered from the rest of life for an hour, with an opportunity to remember what has been left out, forgotten, or overlooked. We are just human travelers sitting together at the crossroads, relating, reflecting on questions with our intuitive, imaginative, and emotional capacities’

Often we’re dealing with a loss or feeling lonely and confused. But most of all there’s that longing to feel connected to the roots of who we are, to remember that the path leading forward begins behind us, and is already there beneath us if only we can slow down and remember how to recognize it.

Read what clients say:

I’ve learned while working with you to improve my anxiety, mood and outlook ..Ryan

With consulting rooms based in Brentford, West London, my individual and couples counselling is priced from £60 per hour.  Contact to discuss

Couples Counselling

Are you and your partner? Arguing all the time? Dissatisfied with your sex life? Not communicating? Feeling disconnected and unloved?

Then I can help you as an individual or a couple with support, guidance and ideas to have a more loving relationship and rebuild your intimacy. In my couples counselling I specialise in:

Conflict resolution, anger management, improved communication, enhanced sexuality, stronger connections, better parenting, divorce issues (a far cheaper alternative)

Clients say:

I know I am in a better place because of you..

Coming to you has really helped…

From my consulting rooms in Brentford, West London, I can help you be more loving and loved. Specialist Couples Counselling with prices from £60 per hour. Contact to discuss. All counselling is subject to our standard Terms and Conditions explained below.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Payment
    Payment is normally made at the end of each session, or paid in advance for a set number of sessions. Cash or online payments are currently accepted.
  2. Cancellation and missed session policy
    If you are unable to attend your appointment please let us know as soon as possible. The required minimum notice for cancellation is 24 hours. Where there is less notice, or if you fail to attend your appointment, the full fee will be charged. We hope clients appreciate that it is rarely possible to fill these appointments at such short notice which is why we are obliged to charge for the Therapist’s time.
  3. Confidentiality
    Confidentiality is an integral part of counselling and psychotherapy and is seen as essential to building the therapeutic relationship and ensuring the client’s sense of safety. The therapeutic process encourages the client to be as open and honest as possible and inevitably personal experiences and sensitive information is disclosed. It is vital therefore that the client can trust that everything discussed will remain completely confidential. All information will remain confidential unless both the client and therapist agree to discuss something with a third party. The only circumstance where confidentiality might be broken would be if there was a serious risk to the client’s life or if another person’s life was at risk; alternatively, in the rare instance where the therapist was liable to civil or criminal court proceedings if they did not disclose client information. If at all possible this would be discussed at length with the client beforehand and everything would be done to safeguard client confidentiality despite.
  4. Personal information
    RJ Mind Body holds all records securely and ensures the utmost confidentiality in the treatment of any information held about its clients. No information will be disclosed without the client’s written permission, except under certain rare legal circumstances (e.g. Child Protection). RJ Mindbody subscribe to the BACP Code of Ethics for Counsellors and Psychotherapists. Copies of these codes, as well as our own Practice Policy, are available on request.
  5. Disclaimer
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