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Sep 29, 2017

Presence meets Pressure

Presence meets pressurePresence holds his hand towards Pressure.

Pressure turns away, wanting nothing to do with him.

There is no time to devote to Presence, too much to do, too many deadlines to meet, too much of an effort, why waste the time?

Maybe Pressure will have a drink with him later, after work or on the weekend.

Yet, even then there is no time, children need to be fed, dogs walked, bills paid, lawn mowed, emails read, then it is time for a restless sleep.

Presence waits patiently at the bar for Pressure to show up, once again he is stood up.

What makes Presence so special is that he never gets upset or gives up; he understands and knows that the time will come when Pressure will join him.

It is most likely when he falls ill, or walks out of his job, or loses his partner, and then Pressure will go searching for Presence.

He might find him sitting on the next bar stool as he drinks his 3rd whiskey or is laying next to him in bed as he recovers from his illness.

If only Pressure took the time to meet Patience earlier, then maybe the job would be more satisfying, his body healthier and his love life intact. Because he would know when to pause, slow down and prioritise.

Presence does not blame pressure; he acknowledges that it is the way life, though if the two were to join together, then miraculous things could happen.

Pressure no longer alone, he has time now to breathe, enjoy his accomplishments, be more creative and respond to others with kindness.

Before it is either too late or a crisis ensues, take the hand of Presence; it is well worth the time and effort.


Recipe: Inviting Presence Mindfulness Technique

This meditation is an on the spot meditation

When you notice that you are feeling overwhelmed, angry, tired, anxious…

Feeling your blood boil, heart race, shoulders ache, jaw tighten, head hurt, sweat drip…

Stop what you are doing, take a breath in and out, slow down your breathing first, ground your feet to the floor, and lift your head towards the sky.

Take a moment to observe the breath and how your body shifts to a more relaxed state, this relaxed state is Presence.

Then deal with the meeting, conflict, and deadline if you need more time, step away if possible and take more deep breaths.

Return to later, return with a lighter and more constructive mindset.

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