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What is enough?


What is enough?

I asked my mother after she returned home having spent an obscene amount of money on food and gifts.

The question caught her off guard; she stood frozen in her tracks.

Not an easy question, especially during the holidays.

It seems that at Christmas in particular we lose control of what is enough.

Much like a warning light on the petrol gauge, do we know when we are reaching empty?

For whatever reason we are inclined to give and keep on giving even though our ‘giving gauge’ is on empty.

How then do we know what is enough?

Your body knows.

It has its own warning system, sending signals that you are being tired, stressed, weak, irritable, and tense.

You may have the impulse to cry, yell, scream, retreat, or run.

Your body will tell you, while your mind says keep going, keep giving!

Without realising you cannot give anymore, you are empty.

There is no need to get to empty, replenish yourself along the way.

Why not heed the warning signs,

Fill up your energy along the way, by limiting your buying

And avoid running on empty.

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