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Tortoise or hare?

hare or tortoiseAre you a Tortoise or a Hare?

A Tortoise peeks it’s head out of its shell looks around, walks a few steps and retreats back into its shell.

A Hare gets up runs fast and furious, always in forward motion, rarely stopping for a breath.

Are you a Tortoise or a Hare?

I am a Tortoise, I like to step out into the world, do my stuff and then retreat back into a quiet place. I require rejuvenation to move forward again, I take another step forward, some days I take two, before I pull my head back in for rest.

The timeout for a Tortoise is not laziness, though in our culture, it might be perceived to be. It is a moment to reflect, rest the mind and remove yourself from the chaos of the outside world.

The shell symbolizes safety from too much stimulation, judgments of others and a self-nurturing space.

If you are a Hare, you seek out stimulation, you thrive off it, and it gives energy. Your need to be alone may be minimal.

The Hare appears to be the successful one, due to its speed and forward momentum. While the Tortoise is slow and methodical, it just takes its time to get to where it’s going.

There are times I wish I were a Hare, I look in awe at their relentless activities, and how they keep their sparkle. As Tortoise I cannot cope with all the busy-ness, when I am full, I seek solitude.

Oh, I wish I were a Hare, it would make life easier, though I know cannot be.

This acknowledgment helps me to accept the fact I am a Tortoise and I will never be a Hare… maybe in spurts, maybe on a really good day. But for the most part I am Tortoise.

Once I can accept who I am, I can then become myself and be who I am according to my true nature.

Are you a Tortoise or a Hare, or maybe something else?


Recipe for Self-Acceptance:

First step – Acknowledge the Whole self … the good, bad, ugly, beautiful, embrace it all.

Second step – Beware when you attempt to do, or be something that does not feel right. Pause and ask yourself, “is this me?” or “is it me trying to be someone else?”

Third step – Use a Mantra to bring you back to yourself “ I Am That”, or “ I Am This”, or “ I Love Me” or “I Can Be Myself”.