Annoying people?

Rebecca Jane | February 24th, 2018 |
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Annoying peopleDo you have annoying people in your life? They irritate you, frustrate you, their actions get to you, driving you crazy?

Annoyances are everywhere.

Shifting moods in a matter of seconds.

Making you frustrated, angry, or pull your hair out.

Those who are rude and inconsiderate.

Annoying you with their loud, obnoxious voices.

Know it all’s and some who seem to have it all together, boy are they annoying.

The ones who like to strut like roosters showing off their looks and coiffed hair?

They get me all the time.

How about the ones who don’t listen and those who are always late?

The world is filled with annoyances, beginning with the alarm clock.

Moving onto to the bus, which is always chock full annoying people.

Those with runny noses, coughs, screaming kids, smelly armpits, greasy hair.

Racing to the office, slow people in front of you, security at the door, long queues, once in you are faced with a team of annoying people and customers.

All day annoyances, going home, repeat.

Annoyances are everywhere, there is no way of avoiding them.

All we can do is turn towards ourselves.

Let’s look at ourselves, we too can be annoying, ask your friends, family and colleagues.

When annoyed, it is about us, not others.

If our inner world was relaxed and calm, no one could annoy you.

Inner calmness equals outer calmness, nothing can touch you.

No, nothing can touch you, the ranting customer on the other end of the phone cannot touch you.

Neither can your friend who cancelled for the hundredth time.

You are invincible because inside you are calm.

Annoyances are our opportunities to cultivate calm and patience.

If there were no annoyances?

If everything was peaches and cream, there would be no need to develop the art of being calm and patient?

Annoyances and particularly annoying people are your teachers, they rub and irritate you until the choice is yours to blow up or breathe deeply and remain calm.

Recipe: 3 Calming Steps

This exercise is practised when faced with an annoyance.

  1. Take a deep breath, remain quiet, do not react.
  2. Notice the angry feelings bubble up, breathe deeply again.
  3. Repeat silently, “I am relaxed or calm”.

Be proud of yourself you have now broken the automatic pattern of reacting.

Good on you!

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