Month: November 2017

Nov 26, 2017

Stay in your lane

Stay in your laneAre you the kind of person who stays in your own lane or do you overtake?

Overtaking is indeed exhilarating, flying past the slower more tentative driver can give you a rush.

Doped up feeling faster and cooler, ahead of the pack.

The chase to be ahead begins as a lighthearted race, sustained by overtaking as many people as possible.

At what point does it stop?

As there will always be someone slower or faster than you, switching lanes can go on until either you crash or get to your destination.

Then it starts again.

Why not just stay in your lane?

Why not pay attention to your own destination, not someone else’s?

Is it boredom, something to do on a long drive?

Is it power, winning at all costs?

Or is it jealousy that person has something you want?

Staying in your lane, focusing on your own future and dreams is harder than you would expect.

In the short term beating the other person to the finish line is more fun.

Though as soon as you gain the leading position, the fun stops.

And it’s time to overtake again, then again and again and again.

When does it end?

It never ends, unless you decide to remain in your own lane and stick it out.

You will at times feel bored, frustrated, ready to pull your hair out, and may succumb to passing the slower driver again.

Only to begin the race again.

Stick it out, stay in your lane; listen to your heart, to your passions, to what makes you happy.

Wave your hands to the slower drivers and thumbs up to the faster drivers, it does not matter where anyone is on their trip, all that is important is that you are following your heart.

Stay in your lane or swerve into others.

You decide

Recipe: Stay in Your Lane 5 minute Meditation

Find a comfortable place to sit, anywhere.

Close your eyes or keep eyes looking towards the ground

Take 3 deep breaths

Breathe in and say silently, “Stay In”

Breathe out and say silently, “ in my lane”

Repeat until your heart rate and breathing slow down.

Notice how staying in your lane, feels restful and peaceful.

There is no need to rush or speed.

You are taking your time, because it is your time, no one else’s.

When ready open your eyes

Nov 19, 2017

Pain and Pleasure

Pain and PleasurePain and pleasure meet in the lift.

Pain, stiff with tension, chest rapidly moving and surging with adrenaline, looks over at Pleasure.

Pleasure, as cocky as ever, steeped with dopamine, pumped for the day.

Both prepared in their own way for the day ahead.

Each differently approaching their day Pain’s head is filled with thoughts wishing the day were Friday, his day off or the day was over.

Pleasure inspired with thoughts of success, longing to get going, making as much money, and bantering with his work friends.

The two, step out the lift, Pain shuffles to his desk, as Pleasure bounces in, annoying all the other’s who too are like Pain.

Few people can tolerate Pleasure; he is way too energetic for the morning.

As the morning progresses, Pain begins to relax a little, allowing a smile to creep in every so often.

Pleasure’s dopamine has drooped, leaving him drained, less smug, looking forward to the coffee fix.

Pain and Pleasure, look across at each other, noting how their moods have shifted from the morning, realizing through the haze something was missing.

Then Soothing sat down, relaxed, breathing evenly into his belly, thoughts on the moment, and appearing utterly content. Sipping a cup of water, he just had spent his break taking a walk; phone tucked away in his pocket and had found a quiet place to sit in stillness for a few minutes.

It then occurred to Pain and Pleasure, Soothing had been the ‘something missing’.

Pain and Pleasure decided together to grab a cup of water, take a walk without their phone and sit with their eyes closed for 5 minutes.

Each took a deep breath and looked at each other with great relief.

Yes, it was Soothing that was missing.

Is soothing missing for you?

Recipe: Box Breathing for Soothing

Imagine a square with 4 straight lines, we begin on the left side and work our way clockwise, to the right

Breathing through the nose for both inhale and exhale

Left side, inhale 4 counts

Top of the square, hold breathe 4 counts

Right side, exhale 4 breaths

Bottom of square, hold 4 breaths

Begin again

Repeat sequence 4x

Practice square box breathing 4x a day, 4 sets of each

Think, box, 4 sides, 4 counts, 4x a day, 4 sets

All it takes is a few deep breaths to shift into a soothing state.

Nov 12, 2017

Chasing happiness

Chasing happinessHappiness is where we all want to be

Who wishes to feel unhappy?

Chasing happiness is a chase like a snake chases an Iguana

A lion chases an antelope

Happiness is not just about an appetizing meal

It comes in the form of love making, spreading your seed,

Passing on your genes.

Strutting your stuff, looking good, feeling pumped up

Happiness can also be the job you have always wanted, or the deal you finally got.

Picking up your phone, a text. Bam! Happiness

Working up a sweat, being the fastest in the pack, lifting the heaviest weights

This chase begins the day you are born, chasing the desire to walk, to speak, and to leave the sight of your parents.

Seeking happiness, we know will finally come, when it comes, and it quickly loses its freshness and allure.

We are on the chase again.

Does it ever stop? Should it stop?

As long as we are alive, the chase keeps us seeking, expanding on what we have, and increasing our knowledge.

Seems good, seems right.

Until all you want is a rest, a moment of silence, a reprieve from the chase.

What is wrong with the chase?


It is innate, our animal biology

It feels good.

Though the chase can only last for so long, we feel good, then not so good, or possibly pretty awful

Chasing happiness is natural, though, taking breaks, moments of solitude, soothing yourself is equally satisfying.

Take time to sit and stare, nurture your creativity, let your inner light shine through.

Chasing happiness is a trap. You chase the same thing, same thoughts, same aspirations.

Your groove for the same runs deep, an inner wiring destined to repeat the same mistakes and dream the same dreams

Take a breather from your chase, sit in the sun, and take a break


You are at peace


Recipe: Relaxing into the Chase Meditation

How do we know we are in chase?

Our bodies will be pumped up, exhilarated and energized.

Rather than keep going, just like having another drink, sit with those feelings

Enjoy and allow them to envelop you

Then take 3 deep breaths, don’t push the feelings away

Place your hand on your heart and relax into the good feeling

Then watch your body soften, wrap around that feeling, your heightened energy and excitement will change its shape

The shape becomes lighter, less of a jolt to your system, more of a relaxed alertness

By sitting with the powerful emotions, you won’t lose them; they will just change to something you can sustain.

Notice if you try to chase the feeling by doing or seeking more.

If so, take a deep breath and stay with what is happening now

You will be left with a sense of satisfaction

Discover how to be happier with my next Mindfulness for