Month: May 2017


DelaysDelays can be your greatest teachers

Flight delays teach patience

Delayed gratification teaches tolerance

A delayed visit from a friend teaches deep breathing

Delay in the purchase of your home teaches unflappability

A delayed birth of your baby teaches acceptance

Delayed adolescents teaches playfulness or trepidation of growing up

Delayed happiness teaches fatalism

Delaying the inevitable teaches fear

Then what does a delay in your good health teach

Or the delay of the perfect life you once had before your loved one died teach?

Lessons learned when a prosperous career or a loving marriage is delayed are some of the most difficult ones to absorb.

Delays are inevitable, yet are a constant source of torment for many.

Though there are the lucky few who roll with the punches, easily accepting these interruptions?

What is a delay?

It is merely a pause in a plan, though can create a powerful sense of losing control, being disempowered.

Delays are unexpected interruptions in your timetable. They are reminders that life does not always go according to plan.

These delays are the greatest teachers of tolerance, patience, and most importantly not to take life too seriously.

They are the lessons prompting you to loosen your grip on man-made schedules; realizing that gripping on to trajectories are a set up for disappointment and frustration.

Delays teach you to ride the wave, with agility, foreseeing the possibility that you might get swept underneath.

The beauty of learning these lessons is the cultivation of the trust that you will at some point get back up on the wave again, chances are it will be a different wave but it will get you to where you want to go.

Delays impart the resolve to manage life’s rollercoaster ride, creating flexibility and belief that at the end of the day things work out.

Life is about delays, the sticky, messy sweet syrupy gunk that clings to anything within its path.

Life is less about things being flawless; it is more about accepting life for what it is, whatever happens.

Delays are fortuitous adventures, unplanned, unknown and unexpected, their spontaneous nature is what creates the energy of life. They are the seeds of creativity and inspiration; neither of these can be planned.

As difficult as a delay may seem in that moment, remember it is an opportunity that takes you to places you would never of experienced had gone according to plan.

Embrace delays, listen and learn from them, as they can be your greatest teachers.


Recipe: Delaying Regret Meditation

This meditation will teach you the art of delaying something that you may regret, whether it is saying something unkind, purchasing something you don’t need, making an impulsive decision, grabbing for that piece of chocolate or a drink.

Practice taking long deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth.

When confronted with a situation that evokes agitation, take 3 deep breaths, walk away for a moment and then decide what to do.

Those 3 breaths may be enough to delay an impulsive reaction or if not, take a walk which should relax your nervous system, then decide what to do next.

Seeing beyond

Looking beyondLooking beyond

Are you looking but not seeing?

Looking beyond your perspective, beyond your small world

Beyond your pain, beyond your hurts your suffering,

Looking beyond the stories told to you and then created by you

Beyond the illusion of what you believe is true

Looking into the distance, into no man’s land where nothing is known for sure, where it all looks fresh.

Looking beyond time, into a place where time does not exist, where there is no future or past, there just is

Pain only exists through short sightedness, the restricted view in your closed off world

Looking beyond opens the doors to your inner world, enhances what is right there.

Looking beyond, with eyes wide open, without expectation or judgment allows the soul to pick and choose what it likes and dislikes

It can wipe the slate clean, feed and nurture the soul’s hidden desires

Unfiltered, sweeping images which are exciting and refreshing

Looking beyond expands and connects your internal landscape with the rest of the universe.

Not looking beyond is when the eyes are closed, seeing only what you want or don’t want, a narrow existence, amplifying pain, creating isolation

Looking beyond: shrinks the pain, the hurts, the suffering, into a background din connecting you to the world beyond.

Now you are looking and seeing.


Recipe: Seeing with Eyes Wide Open Meditation

This meditation can be done anywhere, sitting, standing or walking because your eyes are open

Most of us are living blindly looking but do not actually seeing

We rarely look at an object or a person without breaking them into parts or forming judgments

For instance, when we drink a cup of coffee, we see the white cup with the brown liquid and the shape of the handle.

When we look at something our eyes are continuously scanning the thing we are looking at then other external stimulation distracts them.

In order to practice being present and turning inwards rather than outwards look at an object as a whole, not the fact it is made of wood, or metal or plastic.

The beauty of this technique it can be practiced anywhere, on the train, bus, sitting at your desk, anywhere

Pick an object and with a fixed, soft gaze keep coming back to the wholeness of the object until you begin to experience the sensation of connecting inward, the outer world continues on but without your awareness.

Look at that object as if you have never looked at it before; observe its freshness and delight just as babies would

That object will begin to disappear and you will now get a glimpse of your inner world

This technique brings back life, freshness and vibrancy to your eyes.

With a regular daily practice, you will begin to notice things that normally were just passing glances or went unseen

One step at a time

One step at a timeOne step at a time
The rhythm of getting through it
Getting through a tough time
Getting through is exactly what you have to do
Nothing more nothing less, just to get by
There are no lofty goals to achieve
Taking your one foot, placing in front of the other
One step at a time
One day at a time
One moment at a time
One second at a time
Once your mind wanders off to future land, you are done for
Or it retreats into the past; your steps lose their rhythm
It is the rhythm of the steps, the heel touching the ground,
Rolling through the arch, onto the ball mound then the toes catch the momentum
Which gets you through it
Your other foot begins its descent as you finish with the first one
One step at a time
It is not about what might happen or what could happen, it is about what is happening
Nothing more, nothing less
What is happening is manageable, it can be dealt with
What might or could happen is daunting and frightening
How you may feel or cope later is a wasted contemplation
All that you have to deal with is now, the gift of now
You get on with it, in the now.
You do what is needed in the now
There is a rhythm, a pulsating cadence from the soul, your guardian angel, or
God, whatever, whomever, is the rhythm, it does not matter
It is the beat, the pulse that gets you through it
Sensing and riding the progression of the inner music, is how you cope
When the mind drifts off the beat that is when you feel overwhelmed
The pulsating internal song, is what gets you through it
One step at a time, pick up one foot at a time, the body will gesticulate a pattern, this repetition soothes and protects
One step at time is all it takes.

Recipe: Walking Meditation
Begin by standing still, close your eyes and bring your attention to your feet
Rocking back and forth from toes to heels, feeling the ground and feet touch
Now open your eyes take one foot at a time, starting from the heel rolling slowly towards the toes, once the toes touch, begin to step the next foot forward.
Continue you with this rhythm for 5-10 minutes
Hands can rest on your back or allow them to swing naturally.
Eyes are open looking down towards the ground with a soft gaze.
This meditation is not about looking at the scenario around you, but to stay present in your body, as you would in a sitting meditation.
Allow the thoughts to come and go, as the feelings and sensations as well
Eventually there will be a natural soothing rhythm to your walk, a flow

What is faith?

What is faith?What is faith? The word faith conjures up a variety of mental images of churches, synagogues, mosques, or monasteries, housing religious leaders and followers seeking faith.

Faith tends to get lumped under the guises of religion. Those who are the faithful are the ones believed to be religious; their faith assumed to emanate from a deity.

Is it possible that faith has nothing to do with religion at all, that it is merely a seed lying dormant inside each of us, waiting to propagate?

Faith begins to grow upon conception, faith your mother’s womb will nourish and breathe for you. Once born, faith places the gaze of the eyes and the tears towards the mother to love and care for you. As you grow faith, still relying on parents, but now transfixed with movement, eventually through faith, you begin to walk.

As you mature, faith in God, Allah, Buddha or such is possible, but faith itself, is not a byproduct of religion, faith it is a means of itself, an emotion.

Faith is a powerful emotional energetic force within all of us, which activates our navigational system that propels us into the unknown while trusting that we will arrive safely.

Without faith, the world becomes a dark, frightening place, where unknowns reverberate monstrous images, holding you to ransom, frozen in your tracks, leaving you feeling lost.

With faith, bleakness may remain an active force, though faith grabs your hand and leads you forward, you may trip and weave around obstacles, withstanding life’s greatest afflictions, though faith is the very thing that keeps you moving forward.

Faith is your confidant, soul mate, the love of your life. It provides unwavering trust and the deepest, unconditional love that exists.

Faith has nothing to do with religion; it has everything to do with believing in your Self. You can believe in a God, Buddha, Allah or such, but remember faith came first.

The heart holds the key, the centre of love, energises faith; it is neither a religion nor a non-religion. Faith is unpretentious, but don’t be scathing of its austerity it is one of the most powerful forces in the human body.

Faith’s strength has the capacity to navigate a life well lived if faith retains the vitality of love, yet if faith adheres to a toxic, venomous energy, faith has the power to destroy.

Choosing love over hate, good over evil, acceptance over denial, openness over closeness, non-judgment over judgment, peace over war will steer your life and those around you towards the very place faith draws its energy from.

What is faith?


Recipe: Faith meditation

Finding a comfortable seat, close your eyes

Take 3 deep breaths

Allow your body to reach a relaxed state

Place your hand on your heart, breathe into the heart space

Feel the movement of the breath, beating of the heart and repeat the word ‘faith’ silently or out loud to yourself.

Allow yourself to feel the energy that comes from the word ‘faith’

Chances are you will feel soothed and at peace, if not use another word, ‘believe’, ‘trust’ ‘love’… if ‘God’, ‘Allah’, ‘Buddha’ or such repeat those words.

Faith is deeply personal

Allow your faith to grow as a moving, energetic force