Month: April 2017

What is living?

What is living?What is living?

Living to live

Sitting to sit

Drinking to drink

Being present with the very task you are performing, cultivates peace, this is living.

Sleeping to sleep

Writing to write

Washing dishes to wash dishes

Remaining in that one place, absorbed in one thing, enriches ones daily life, this is living.

Meditating to meditate

Eating to eat

Cooking to cook

Cherishing a moment in time, unhurried with quiet stillness is the ultimate love affair with life, this is living.

Listening to listen

Reading to read

Making love to make love

Discovering the rhythm of life’s subtle moments, handed to you without expecting anything in return, this is living.

Praying to pray

Kissing to kiss

Painting to paint

Pondering what Is, lightens the burden of what might be or what was, this is living.

Resting to rest

Observing with undefended, attention brightens the soul and creates a space for novelty, this is living.

Walking to walk

Laughing to laugh

Stroking the timelessness of Now moments arouses pleasure, beyond any pleasure ever felt, this is living.

Selecting the most delectable fruits, with watchful eyes seeing all the combinations, sniffing and touching until the basket is full, this is living.

Working to work

Crying to cry

Cuddling to cuddle

Basking in the reassurance of not having to do anything or go anywhere, nonchalantly settling into a space in time, this is living.

Enchanted by the ant meandering across your path, with no inclination to harm or touch, just witnessing the vulnerability and strength in your presence, this is living.

Contemplating your feet, well worn and rife with fatigue sitting before you in all their glory, proud to have served you that day, this is living.

Living for the now, the moment, for the present, sustaining your attention on the task at hand, this is living.

Being present to be present is the solution to all your woes, being present to it all, whether it hurts, pleases or is noiseless, this is living.

Faith in the power of now, with its enchanted depths of mystical wisdom, this is living.

Living to live


Recipe: Living to live Meditation

Choose a task, any task, no matter how mundane or simple, easier to begin with simplicity.

It could be washing the dishes, filling a pot with water, bathing your feet, putting cream on your face, hanging or folding clothes, brushing your teeth, choose one task.

Take a deep breath and remain present with that task, if your mind wanders off, draw your mind back to the task at hand.

Notice it all, if you chose washing dishes; notice the soap, your hands, the sponge, the plate, the temperature of the water, the change in the color of water as you wash.

Be kind to yourself, your thoughts will inevitably creep in due to the monotony, though the challenge is to keep drawing your mind back to the task at hand.


patiencePractice patience

You don’t know what to do, you feel lost, uninspired, and distracted.

There is little focus, no clear direction… where do you go from here?

Do you keep pressing on, take a pause or throw your arms up in despair?

Have you ever felt like that? Yes, of course you have.

You have a choice to ride out the storm or quit, riding the storm requires practicing patience, so often clutching for anything, other than these feelings appears to be the best idea at that moment.

Practicing patience, one of the most significant virtuous acts, is extremely difficult to do.

Who has time for patience, there is never enough time, decisions feel as if they require instant attention, and everything seems urgent.

The world we live in is immediacy driven; to not act quickly enough could mean you miss out, or someone else fills the gap. Speaking is quick, walking is quick, working and driving are quick, and eating is quick.

Practicing patience is the last thing you want to do. Patience creates the very thing that you want to avoid – quiet, calm and peace.

With patience comes, a break in the stream of thoughts, reactions and the action itself. It stops the propulsion forward, halting the movement, leaving you with one of those uncomfortable pauses. You know the ones, likened to the uncomfortable silences in a conversation, when you are grasping for words to fill the void.

You know that feeling, that moment of dread, until someone speaks, sweat prickles your skin, your throat tightens and your eyes flick back and forth searching for an escape.

Patience resembles an awkward silence, hanging heavily in repose as a thick morning fog diminishes movement, when nothing seems to be happening.

Nothingness sends shock waves throughout the body, maneuvering your senses towards something, something other than nothing.

It takes getting used to being patient, patience is merely waiting, waiting for the right move, just as in the game of chess or a cat waiting for a rustle in the grass.

If you are lost, unfocused, uninspired or distracted and your direction is unclear, try practicing patience. Take a pause; sit with that awkward moment of nothingness.

In time forward propulsion resumes and you are back on track again, don’t force the movement, wait and see. See, without the interjection of thoughts telling you to get on with it, or the sweaty hands reaching for a reprieve from the stillness.

Practicing patience is the antidote for everything; it is within the pause where everything exists, where the very thing, which inspires you, is.

Practice patience.


Recipe: Practice Patience Meditation

Next time you find yourself in a situation where you feel lost, uninspired, lacking in direction.

Stop, Pause and Wait

Breathe in and out

Inhale say Stop, exhale

Inhale say Pause, exhale

Inhale say Wait, exhale

Breathe in and out until you are enveloped with calm

Either get back to what you were doing or step away for a time.

Carry that sense of calm with you

This is patience, Stop, Pause and Wait.

Sitting with it

Sitting with itSitting with it

Sitting with what?

Sitting with your shit.

Why would you ever choose to sit in your own muck, when sidestepping it would be so much sweeter?

Sitting in it, as perverse as it might sound; is the critical step to getting to know who the hell you are, how you tick, what makes you happy.

Sitting with it, removes the swaggering know it allness, having it all togetherness, eliminating the veneer you project to the world.

Knowing yourself is far greater than what you have been exposed to throughout your life; there is a depth that seeps beyond the outer world, sitting with your own dirt allows you to enter the heart of you.

It is a tirelessly, arduous journey getting to know yourself, there are neither: guidelines to follow nor mentors to seek out. It is a lonely business.

What happens to most of us is we delude ourselves into believing we know who we are, we can speak openly about our peculiarities, believing that is us.

But are our eccentricities who we are, or is there more that waits to be realized?

Perhaps, the other question is, is it worth the effort, can we continue on living deluded?  Not an easy question to answer, until you have actually gotten to the space of knowing who you are, or at least close to it.

If you choose to make the effort, where do you begin?

Begin with being brutally honest, no lies, or defensive posturing, put all your cards on the table. Start with the truth, genuine feelings, not I should or shouldn’t feel that way or this way, or something is wrong that I feel this way.

As I like to say you need to sit in your own shit, sit with it all, your own messy head with its fears, delusions, saboteurs, the head that appears to be conspiring against your happiness.

It will at first feel crappy, though the beauty of it, it is yours, no one can take that from you.

Once you have sat there for a while, it begins to become too uncomfortable, there comes that moment when you have had enough and it needs to be cleaned up. You won’t know what you need to clean up until you have sat in it for yourself.

From that point onwards you systematically remove the mess, you are able do this because you now know what the mess consists of, it is right there in front, under and on the sides of you. You see your shit for what it is.

Cleaning up takes time, especially as most of us have things that we never knew existed until you sat down on top of it.

Do it methodologically, eliminate things one at a time, gradually remove the things you no longer want, those things that are destructive and toxic, creating space for things that bring joy and peace.

Getting to know yourself, is not a clean process, it starts out messy, it takes time and patience. It is indeed a crappy job, but when you begin to eradicate the negative, space opens up for the you which is serene content, relaxed, loving… then the effort is all worth it.

Sit with it as the first step to creating happiness.


Recipe: Sitting with it meditation

Take few moments to settle into a comfortable seat.

Close your eyes, or look towards the ground with a soft gaze (eyes slightly closed)

Take 3 deep breath, or as many breaths until your mind and body calms down

Then begin to sit with whatever feelings are coming up for you, do not push away the uncomfortable crappy feelings

Breathe in, say “sit”, Breathe out, say, “it”

Sit with it, keep sitting with it and watch it as an observer, not a participant.

Be curious and kind to yourself, because we all have shit to deal with.

After 5 – 10 mins, return to your breath and invite calm into your body.

Open your eyes when ready.

Take few minutes to assimilate the meditation on a physical and emotional level, then get on with your day.

Be patient and kind while sitting with it.

Remember everyone has it, you are not alone.


Time to pause

Time to pauseTime to pause

Hurrying through dinner, bedtime rituals, into bed. Then rushing awake, through breakfast, getting to work or wherever you must go quickly. Eating quickly, moving swiftly, talking hastily, listening briefly, tiring easily. Finally sitting, why not pick up your phone, rapidly sliding your finger until something interesting catches your eye. Bored now ready to move on. Getting up hurrying home or somewhere you must go, no breath, no time, no pause.

Take a pause

Slow down

A moment of silence

A Rest

A break

A breather

To be

Create moments of stillness, soothing states, to just stare, to be, no thoughts, no phone, no book, just to be.

Sit or stand, breathe in and breathe out, notice your body’s welcoming embrace as your breath enters and its liberating release as your breath leaves your body.

Feel your body breathe as a whole, your feet being touched by the breath, fingers caressed by the breath and the crown of your head tingling with the breath.

Take a pause, slow down

Take a pause into the unknown, where nothing seems to happen,

Its not dramatic, or exciting, it is just a moment in time when everything stops, thoughts, worries, concerns abate, leaving space for nothingness.

Nothingness takes getting used to; it feels boring, static, uninteresting at first, then it begins to feel ok, it may not offer the euphoric feelings you might be seeking, yet this pause is the creator of delight, when something deep inside you begins to stir.

Not a volcanic stir, but an unhurried one, almost undetectable, until you take that pause. That stir crawls up your spine at a snails pace, getting stuck in spots along the way, meandering without urgency, then it arrives, entering the thinking mind softly, tiptoeing, nudging its nose through synapses of your brain.

The stir has to pass various checkpoints, pausing at Threat, if stir gets through without Fear sabotaging it then it is almost home free, the final point is Desire.

Desire seeks excitement; it requires periodic fixes of heart pumping, enthusiastic occurrences, things to look forward to… things to do, a quiet stir may not be convincing enough to pass through Desire.

If it gets through this final checkpoint, chances are it snuck through without being seen, as Desire is strong and powerful. Desire despises the being state, it pushes against tranquility, it dares to destroy it by hurling anger and frustration until that delicate stir retreats.

You might perceive stir as lazy and unkempt, though stir is the very thing that is missing in all human’s lives, that moment of stillness and tranquility, although subtle in nature is the answer to life’s problems and the world’s frantic compulsion to be doing all the time.

The more you pause, the greater the chance that the state of being will regain its position amongst Threat and Desire, forming equal partnerships.

Take a pause; pause not just once, not twice, but multiple times a day.


Recipe: 5 Pauses a Day Exercise

Take 5 pauses a day

Some suggestions:

Meditate 5 – 10 mins

4 deep breaths

Eat without distraction, no TV, book, computer, phone, thinking or other person

Sit with a hot cup of something drink without distractions

Take a bath

Shower without planning the day, just shower

Walk mindfully, slow down

Listen to soothing music without doing anything else

Read a book

Stare into space for a few minutes

Close your eyes and rest


Float in the ocean or a pool

Lay on the grass, look at the sky

Watch the stars

Hug your lover without sex on your mind

Create your own moments of pause

Fear Less

FearlessFear Less

Part 2 of Without Fear

Fearlessness starts with acknowledging that you, like much of the human race are loaded down with fearful feelings. Weighing heavily on hearts and souls until there leaves little space left to take a deep breath.

When anxious and stressed our breathing shortens and quickens, hampering the bodies’ movements. Leaving muscles weak and tense.

Fear-based feelings hold us back, literally and figuratively. Our bodies lean backwards when we are fearful and state an untruth, and move forwards when we are fearless and honest.

What we say plays a significant role in propagating fearful feelings, affecting everything from health to achieving dreams.

Let us take a look at some of these common words and phrases:

I must, I have a problem, can’t, have to, it is impossible, I should, I don’t want to, I wish I hadn’t, I am busy, it’s overwhelming, why did I commit, why is this, why did I say that, I will try, hopefully…

As these words are spoken or thought, the body reacts by activating energies referred to as feelings/emotions, energies such as, anxiety, stress, embarrassment, shame, guilt, fear, doubt… and so on; all fear-based feelings.

None of us want to feel this way. How then can we eradicate fear-based feelings or fear less?

It is easier than you think, all you need to do is state the word “I am fearless” or simply “fearless”, when you notice you are experiencing a fear-based feeling. You might not think something so easy can be effective.

Humans tend towards more complicated methods, if it is too easy then something must be wrong or there must be a catch. Trust the idea that what you tell your subconscious, your body will react to that thought with the same energy received.

For instance, if your thoughts are fearful, your feelings resemble that thought, alternatively, if you are stating fearlessness, you will feel courageous and empowered.

Each time you replace a fear-based feeling or thought with a ‘fearlessness’, you are chipping away at the mountainous accumulation of fearful feelings; dislodging them one by one until the body loses a grip with them.

What you are doing is telling the subconscious that you are fearless, rather than scared, embarrassed, stressed, guilty…. There is no need to analyze or rationalize, simply state ‘fearless’

Fearless sends a powerful message bypassing the mental games the mind plays to safeguard fear, the heart rejoices when empowered, leaving the body to move forward with ease.

The new fearless you will begin to feel lighter, more fluid, as fear, stress and worry are superseded by calm, peace, gentleness and love.

Go for it, you have nothing to lose, but fear.


Recipe: I Am Fearless Meditation Mantra

Find a comfortable seated position or this can be done in any position, just make sure your back is straight, shoulders are relaxed and your head is slightly back over your pelvis.

Eyes can be closed or open. If open look down with a soft gaze.

Take 5 deep breaths

Notice what feelings are bubbling up, if fear-based take a breath in and state ‘I am’, breath out state ‘fearless’, or simply say ‘fearless’ using one full breath.

Observe your feelings and body responses, continue practicing this for 3 minutes.

‘I am fearless’ or ‘fearless’ is a mantra/phrase you can say whenever you notice a fear-based feeling, state it and then continue doing what you are doing.