Month: November 2016

Stand up

Stand upStanding up is far harder than sitting down.

When given a choice, sitting down beats standing up if you want to hide, stay put or not speak up.

Why would you want to stand up when you can sit and watch the world go by?

Sitting amongst the crowd feels safe; where there is little pressure to perform and no risk of being criticized.  Who wouldn’t prefer this?

It all makes sense in the short-term; it feels good to be in a place where anxiety is abated, where you can sit smugly nodding your head until something deep within you begins to squirm; that is your inner voice restlessly trying to be heard.

Have you ever said ‘yes’, when you meant ‘no’, or kept your opinion to yourself because it sounded silly or allowed people to take advantage of you because it seemed easier to keep quiet?

Either way, you are not speaking up for your needs and wants, be aware, there are serious repercussions in the long term you may even forget who you are and what it is you want.

How sad to live a life that is not authentically yours, but one that is about others and avoiding criticism at all costs.

Jeopardizing the most beloved thing of all… You!

What would it mean to stand up?

Standing up means, you speak your truth, despite other’s judgments.

Standing up means you are the captain of your ship.

Standing up means you are being true to yourself.

Standing up means you love and respect yourself.

Standing up means your life is as important as other’s lives.

Standing up means willing to take risks to live authentically.

Standing up means you appreciate other’s speaking their truth as well.

Standing up means you listen to your heart.

The choice is yours.

Sit down or stand up!


Recipe: Stand Up Meditation

Find a comfortable place to sit, preferably a place with few distractions

Take a moment to settle down, close your eyes and then take 3 deep breaths

Pick one affirmation which resonates with your present situation, repeat for 3 minutes

I have the right to speak my truth

I live an authentic life

I can say no

I am strong

I love and respect myself

I can resolve my challenges

Or create your own.

Devote the next 3 minutes repeating this affirmation out loud or silently to yourself.

The last 2 minutes remain sitting and bring your attention to the warmth and power your body feels.

When ready gently open your eyes and move on with your day.

Repeat several times until you internalize this message.

Trust, you can now stand up.

Let your heart speak

Let your heart speakThe heart space is where we heal our wounds, give and receive love and experience compassion and joy.

It is where our grief takes root, hurts plant their seeds and resentment and jealousy takes hold.

When hurt, the heart loses its softness, making it difficult to love or be loved, building a shield to protect against further pain.

The hardening of the heart is a normal defense mechanism, though if not dealt with can lead to a life of loneliness, steeped with anger and bitterness, as well as the physical heart eventually giving up.

Letting your heart speak allows your heart to tell you not only the tribulations, the joys of falling in love or following your passions, but listening to the stories of its trials, the heart aches and incidences of unkindness.

Choosing what to pay attention to does your heart little good, attending to it all is what true love is, the good, the bad, the ugly and beautiful. The heart starts out speaking softly, then if ignored too long, will scream, by then it might be too late.

Opening up your heart after years of calcification takes courage. It requires you to trust that with time and patience your heart will eventually break through, once the wounds have healed. Then you are free to love and be loved again.

Letting your heart speak helps you forgive those who have wronged you, without forgiveness your heart remains sick with the desire to seek revenge.

Think of your heart as your soul mate, working day and night to keep you alive, never resting. It loves you unconditionally, it adjusts to manage your lifestyle, the times you are frightened and enveloped in grief. When you fall in love, the heart floods you with its happiness for you and watches you with pride as you accomplish a great feat.

The heart does not give up on you; it is you who gives up on your heart.

Stop and listen to your heart, listen to its truth, it never lies.

Let your heart speak.


Recipe: Heart Breathing Meditation

This technique brings us into our emotion centre, the heart.

The area where we feel love… sadness… hope… gratitude…inspiration…

Though our emotions are experienced in other areas of the body – the heart is the centre

By placing your hand on your heart, you feel the rhythm of your heart beating and the flow of your breath as it enters your lungs and the release of tension when you empty your lungs

This simple gesture of feeling in can create a deeper intimacy with your inner emotions.

Now let us begin

Sitting on the floor with your spine straight and eyes closed. If you are unable to sit on the floor, use a chair. Be comfortable. Take a moment and prepare yourself.

Begin by taking 20 deep breaths… placing your hand on your chest… as you inhale breath into your chest and rib cage. Allow the Sternum to rise.

Feel the sensation around the heart… whatever comes up for you…just sit with it… do not judge it or analyze it.

Once completing the 20 breaths

Sit still and just be aware of what you are feeling.

Gently open your eyes and take a few moments to feel in. Becoming aware of the sensations in your heart centre and a sense of being pleasantly alert and serene.


angerI am angry!

So angry I could weep, so angry, I want to yell, so angry, my heart aches.

It is not just any anger, it is an anger that can be felt in the depths of my belly, churning and burning, close to exploding.

Crying doesn’t help.  Yelling doesn’t help.

Speaking my truth helps.

This anger consumed me, even when I wanted it to leave; it remained, haunting my day.

I tried to ignore it, or convince myself there are better ways of feeling, though there it was, dragging me down.

The heaviness wouldn’t subside; it was relentless, until I decided to:

Pay attention to it.

Once my anger had been acknowledged, it settled down, not gone for good, but it stopped eating my insides and strengthening its power.

Once I acknowledged the truth and began to speak about it, I felt it ease.

I was no longer enslaved by this anger and the situation that exacerbated it; I was now able to take a moment and look at it with unfiltered eyes.

Anger left to its own devises, will eat your alive, it doesn’t go away it just gets stronger; it is its own worst enemy.

Anger tells you something is wrong, don’t brush it off, pay attention to it.

Not by hurting or blaming others, driving fast or eating and drinking to excess, just by attending to the anger.

Speaking your truth helps

Saying “I am angry, so angry it hurts, so angry I want to scream, I want puke”.

Speaking your truth frees you from grips of the anger and validates your worth.

Speaking the truth is a sign of respect for your body, which is screaming for your pay attention.

Speak your truth


Recipe: Acknowledging emotions

Emotions are neither right nor wrong

When any emotion, arises, especially if it persists, pay attention to it

Sit with it, feel it, where is it in your body, what sensations are being produced by it?

Give the emotion permission to be there

Don’t denigrate yourself for feeling this

Just simply wait, be patient, see how it can be channeled

If it is anger, it may lead to action, but not hurtful action, but the kind that needs to happen to help others – compassionate action.

Speak your truth

Who stole your play?

Who sole your play?Who stole your play?

Let us play with the idea of play.  When was the last time you played?

“What, no answer, you are still thinking?” “You cannot remember?”

Oh, you say, “You are too old to play”.

“You don’t know what to do, playing is for children.”

Who decided that only children are permitted to play?

What happened to you when you stopped playing?

I would guess you lost your spontaneity, creativity, joyful silliness, and your zest for life.

Who stole your play? “’They’ told me to stop playing, you say”.

‘They’, whoever ‘they’ are, decided that play ceases to exist when you reach a certain age, even children’s play life has been getting increasingly shorter.

“What for? Oh yes, to prepare for adulthood.”

It is time to get serious about things, playing has no place in adulthood!

Yet, if we lose play, then what is left?  A bunch of uptight, stressed people, with few outlets to let off steam or find their mojo.

Play is hardwired in all humans, as children, we learn to use play to make sense of a complex world through stories, dolls, blocks, drawing or anything we can get our hands on.

Play teaches us how to solve problems and deal with frustrations that are inevitable. Having to rebuild the Lego castle you smashed because you ran out of the colour red is a great teacher.

Play frees us from worrying about outcomes because play is just playing; there are no expectations or goals to achieve. Play allows us to just be.

“What, you say, you don’t know how to play?”

Adult play is very much like child play, just step into your imagination and see what floats your boat.

But without, the little voice reminding you that you are a crappy artist, or you were laughed at when you sang that song at 10 years old, or that you are not really talented at anything.

Get rid of that voice, the voice that stole your play, the voice that echoes in your head it is time to grow up, get serious, stop the art and music classes, so you can make a “stable” living, and be responsible.

That voice pinched the one thing that made you happy, the thing that gave you the bounce to get out of bed in the morning, to feel alive.

Yes, seriousness and responsibility are qualities not to sneeze at, though they must not replace play. Integrate all three instead.

Without play life loses meaning, in fact, play is the essence of a joyful and mindful life.

All seriousness aside, let’s embrace play; if you have lost it, it has not gone far or stolen, it is still deep within you waiting to be found.

Get out and find your play!


Recipe: Finding Your Play Meditation

Sitting in a quiet space with little distractions

Close your eyes. Take 3 deep breaths

Recall a time in your life when you played, what were you playing?  What did it feel like? Take a moment and sit with the image and the feelings.

Take another 3 breaths and allow the feelings of play to encircle you, and experience all the sensations that arise, tingling, joy, excitement, where in your body do you feel them, in your pelvis, heart…

Allow your body and mind to remember what it was like to play, without restrictions, without the critical voices.

Now ask yourself, “ What can I do to play?” How can I bring play back into my life?”

Do not answer; see what comes up, either during your meditation or when you go about your day.

With practice, I guarantee you will find your play.