Month: May 2016


GatewaysThe hands and the feet are our gateway to the world.

Our core, from our pelvis to our neck, is the entryway into our inner world.

Neither one is more significant than the other; they both depend each other.

Our legs and feet are our movement forward, or backwards. They root us to the earth, grounding us and providing our stability.

Our hands reach and manipulate what it is that we are creating; the hands are our opportunities. They take the ideas and dreams and make them reality.

Without our feet and hands, our capacity to thrive and grow is restricted.

Our core is where our intuition lays, the seeds of ideas and dreams develop, and the space we know without a doubt who we are, and what we want.

Our head bridges the two, it problem solves, strategizes and form opinions.

Through training, the head can allow your inner intelligence to flourish.

We are either too much hands and feet or too much core.

If you are too much feet and hands, you will miss your deepest yearnings and exist on what the external world prescribes.

If you are too much core, you cannot take that idea, that inspiration and turn it into a work of art.

You need both to work harmoniously, switching leads as in a fine tuned dance.

It is the mind that will take you away from the core, until you teach it how to dance between the two – stilling the mind’s chatter, turning inward, visiting that delicious space within and then taking the new ideas and passing them into your hands to mold and shape.

Dance between the two and see your dreams come true.


Recipe: Creating My life Meditation

Sit down in a quiet place and take 3 deep breaths

Inhale float the arms up to the sky and exhale the arms back down – repeat x3.

Take a moment and feel into your hands as they rest on your thighs and your legs and feet as they touch the ground.

Say silently to yourself, “I am grateful, for these gifts which help me create my life”.

Take another 3 breaths and bring your attention to your pelvis, belly, ribs and chest. Feel the movement of your breath as it moves through your core.

Say silently, “I am grateful for this gift which helps me create my life”.

Sit in silence for a few more minutes feeling in to the miracle of your body’s capacity to extend outward and turn inward.


Be brave

Be braveBe brave

Know it’s all right to be afraid

Know you are loved

These are lyrics from a song, ‘In Dreams’ sung by Jai-Jagdeesh.

Simple words which deeply resonate with all as we journey through life.

Be brave, it is all right to be afraid, know you are loved.

It is all right to feel vulnerable

It is all right to feel weak

It is all right to feel insecure

It all right to be afraid

Be brave

Go forth despite your fears.

Go forth despite your trepidations.

Go forth as you are not alone, because all humans know

They know what it is like to be afraid

Take consolation that you are loved,

And you are not alone.


Recipe: Leaning into Fear Meditation

Invite the fear in even if it is an unwanted guest.

Face the fear head on.

I would recommend for those who are dealing with a trauma, do this meditation with support of a professional as it may elicit powerful emotions.

For those where there is no trauma linked to this fear, go about this gently

Sitting on the floor with your spine straight and eyes closed or open, if you choose to keep your eyes open look with soft gaze just above the periphery of your vision.

If you are unable to sit on the floor, use a chair. Be comfortable. Take a moment and prepare yourself.

Sitting with the feet touching the ground and hands resting on your thighs.

Begin with 3 deep breaths – note the coolness of the breath as it enters the tips of your nostrils and the warm air as it releases through your mouth or nostrils

Begin to feel the ground or the chair underneath you – become increasingly aware of your feet as they touch the ground.

Notice how your hands feel against your thighs… heavy? tingly? soft?

Become aware of sounds in the distance, just observe and then come back to your breath.

Using your 5 senses to keep you grounded as you continue on with this exercise – you can always come back the grounding part of the meditation at any point.

Now ask yourself “what is it that I am afraid of?”

Inhale; invite the fear in

Bring your full attention to the sensations that are coming up for you as you sit with this fear.

Ask yourself, are there areas in your body where the sensations are stronger? What does it feel like?

Out of control

Out of controlOut of control

What would it feel like to be free from the grips of control?

Even for a moment?

To fall, knowing you cannot alter the motion.

To fully accept unequivocally you are have no control.

To feel like you are floating, in slow motion, through the air.

Without thoughts, the mind switches off, releasing total control seamlessly to the body.

With a still mind, fear is extinguished because it only exists in the mind.

With your body in control, relaxation is yours, consumed in a comfort blanket of trust.

Movements are etched into the fabric of your body one step at a time.

By all appearances, you have lost your balance… you have lost control,

It feels peaceful, restful, beautiful but strange.

Your body has wrapped you in love, a blanket of protection.

A rare occasion, a single moment in time, when there is nothing that can be done.

When all you can do is trust.

At these times when our mind steps aside, our muscles relax, tension releases. We float a little lighter and bounce.

Without control, you are less likely to tense.

Without tension, you are less likely to hurt.

Think of children who fall, relax and roll… adults tense and hit the ground hard.

Falling can teach you a lesson about control.

If you are trying to control all the happenings in your life, believing you are in control, think again

You are actually out of control

Control is often only achieved by loosening the grips of control, allowing things to unfold as they may.

Try letting go of control, see what magic your life releases.


Recipe for Letting Go of Control:

When faced with the dilemma of letting go of control.

Ask yourself these questions:

Can I control this… a dissatisfying job, an unhappy relationship…

If it is obvious what needs to change, then take the steps to do so.

If you cannot or is not apparent or it is not the time, be patient and let it go for now.

Throw tentativeness to the wind and trust that once you release the grip of that thing, you will then and only then know what is needed.

Out1Out of controlOut of control

To have or to hold

to have or to hold

To Have is to grasp, to attach, to fear losing and if lost, you will be lost.

To Hold is to embrace, in your hands, your heart, your arms and if lost, you will be sad, but still whole.

Having is possessive, powerful and wrought with jealousy.

Holding is loving, liberating and free from anxiety.

To Have is to clutch tight to loved ones, jobs, homes, possessions, where peace can never be realised, nothing remains the same.

To Hold is to live with an open mind, liberated, without judgment, where we find peace.

Having is eating swiftly and living intensely, in case time runs out.

Holding is moving and sitting with ease, knowing each moment is precious.

To Have is desperate, angry and unloving.

To Hold is sweet, soft and delicious.

To Have or to Hold?

You decide.


Recipe for Having or Holding:

Take a pebble, place it in your hand, and turn your palm towards the ground.

To prevent the pebble from falling, you have to close your grip, hold tightly.

Over time your hand will tire, your fingers will ache. Eventually you will have to turn your hand around with the palm facing upwards.

Now open your fingers, see the pebble remains, but without the tension.

You are holding the pebble with an open, relaxed hand.

Notice the physical difference between Having and Holding.

To Have, creates tension and stress, to Hold is relaxing and peaceful.

To Hold allows you have the things you want in your life without being consumed by them.

Is it time for you to open your hand and release the grasp of some things in your life?

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