Month: July 2015

Are your eyes open?

eyesopenDo you see the beauty in front of you?

A child in your arms?

A lover/companion who sits beside you holding your hand?

A sunset/sunrise that paints the skies with pink and purple hues?

A white sheet blowing in the breeze?

Are your eyes open?

To a moment of joy?

To a word which is spoken that touches you deep within?

To a parent whose eyes are saddened as they leave you?

To someone who is suffering, eyes reddened with crying?

Are your eyes open?

To your inner essence?

To your own need to heal?

Your capacity to love and create?

To being more than a spectator, but engaging in your life?

Seeing your possibilities?

Are your eyes open?

To the fact that you are more, than that?

You are powerful, whimsical, and remarkable?

Open your eyes.

Seeing happens when you rest, when you stop doing and rushing.

Seeing happens after a period of creating and then pausing and staring in wonderment.

Seeing happens when you give permission to just be.

Are your eyes open?

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To be friends with your lover


Inspired by a young couple, in my Sunday boxing sessions.

Are you friends with your lover?

What makes a friend?

Is it the acceptance of the idiosyncrasies of one another?

To laugh with each other.

To love being and doing together, whether it is exercising, eating, watching TV, walking down the road.

Loads of silliness and play.

Being at ease, with long periods of silence, with no words necessary.

To speak, not afraid of judgment, or that it will be used against you at a later time.

To be friends with your lover.

Is the glue that cements the relationship, it gives it a childlike quality where you can be your true self.

To give and take, without expectations.

To be friends with your lover.

Feels like a warm woolly blanket wrapped around you on a cold winters night.

The touch is gentle and loving, without ulterior motives, but as a reminder they are present.

Your skin absorbs the touch, as opposed to rejecting it.

How is it that some lovers are friends and not others?

To be friends with your lover

Requires a mutual respect and regard for each other.

To not take each other for granted.

Making time for each other.

Doing things together you both enjoy.

To hold each another, outside of the bedroom.

To kiss before leaving and upon returning.

Most of all play and laugh together, be silly, wrestle, box together. Practice yoga together. Walk together; eat together, lie and talk together, every day not just on holidays.

Try to be friends with your lover today.

Apologies not accepted


How often do you apologise?

Apologising for something that you did not do or something you wanted to do.

Yet, we do it consistently.

Apologise when someone knocks into you.

Apologise for attending a yoga/exercise class and leaving the family at home, or if for wanting a few minutes to yourself, to read a book.

Apologise when you have to work late to meet an important deadline.

Apologise if you do not have the time to shop or cook a full meal.

Apologise for your partner’s or children’s behavior.

Apologise for other’s unhappiness and choices in life.

Apologise for wanting to be happy and fulfilling a dream.

Apologise for having a spirit for adventure, which may leave, loved ones back at home.

Apologise for falling in love with someone, not approved by the family. 

Apologies for being you.

So what’s wrong with apologising?

Nothing, if you intentionally set out hurt someone, but most of us apologise out of guilt and habit.

Over time this eats away at your zest for life so you lose sight of what it is you want and need.

Apologising places others worth above yours.

How can you become an unapologetic person?

Recognise that you are apologising and ask the question, “Am I intentionally hurting that person?” If not then ask, “Is it necessary to apologise?”

Set clear boundaries with others, if you have to work late, wish to go to an exercise class or cannot get to the grocery store let people know, without the use of apologies or a detailed explanation. 

Remember, you do not have to justify everything you do 

It is time to stop apologizing


Less is more


Growing up in a society where more is best:

The more you have… the bigger the house… the more gadgets… the most amount of clothes… shoes… bags… more you travel… more friends… larger family… more to do…days filled… more food… bigger portions… more success…more choices… more words…

More, more and more.

So here we are in ‘The Land of More’, where has this gotten us?

Stressed, spiritually empty, tired, overwhelmed, and obsessed, over thinking, no time to sit and stare, and no room for contemplation…

Our mind reflects our external world, if more is the theme, then the mind speeds up and creates the pace required to live in ‘The Land of More’.

With more things and keeping ourselves too busy, our mind is fuelled to keep up.

What is the problem?

Simple, if you want to feel stressed then remain of ‘The Land of More’, or you can choose to feel at peace and at ease living with less.

Children and animals know this instinctively, they need very little to be happy; it is the grownups that have perpetuated this addiction to more.

Take a moment and imagine having less… less things to do… time for quiet… a few items of clothes to choose from… fewer things… no clutter… there is time to be listened to…the grass can be felt under your bare feet… you taste your food…breathe consciously…

With less, you have cleared a path for your imagination to spark and for life to have more meaning, beyond the busyness.

Take some time to think about how you can create less in your life.