Month: February 2015

All too much

too_muchComplaining is draining

Is complaining draining you?

I am the queen of complaining, or I used to be.

I complained about:

My weight,

My hair,

The weather,


Not being motivated, smart, having no talent, too lazy, boring, tired, lonely…

I complained about being ordinary.

It’s all too much.

I was a Debbie Downer, Negative Nanny, Doubting Thomas.

I noticed how draining complaining was, to my spirit and to those around me.

Complaining drains you of your happiness, energy, achieving your dreams, spark, lightness and reason for living.

Complaining defined my very being, a victim, not in control of my life.

As long as I complained, it was okay to feel icky about my lot.

What I did not realise is that I could choose not to feel that way.

The first step is to acknowledge the complaining.

Then pause, catch yourself and let the complaining words drift away.

Complaining feeds on a negative energy flow, when you stop feeding the flow, then they stop all together.

Stop complaining, change your life.

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trustLet your body teach you to trust.

During a yoga class I had my class practice kicking their feet up into the air referred to as Donkey Kicks.

Silly, yes.

Scary, yes.

Loss of control, yes.

Fatiguing, yes.

Annoying, yes.

All these emotions are experienced when our body enters an unusual space.

Some embrace it.

Some retreat.

Some just do it, just because.

Some may fall.

Some may reach their bottom with their heels.

Some may get their feet an inch off the ground.

Some may stop and watch.

The ones who fall are the greatest learners, because they tried, fell and got back up again.

This is how trust is nurtured.

Fall, survive, get up and try again… repeat the pattern.

Your body will begin to trust that you will be okay and your fear begins to dissolve.

Once fear is no more, then trust wins.

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pauseOh, to Pause.

Pausing to look out the window.

Pausing to breathe.

Pausing to contemplate.

Pausing to stretch an achy body.

Pausing when speaking.

Pause to listen.

Pause to sit.

Pause to taste your food.

Pause to feel the warmth of the sun on your face.

Pause to feel the rain after a long dry summer.

Pause between a soft, loving kisses.

Pause after a moment of bliss with your lover.

Pause when the baby finally settles down to sleep.

Pause in Savasana, following a vigorous yoga practice.

Pausing after watching an emotionally poignant movie.

Pausing when being told upsetting news.

To pause is to stop time, bring you into the present moment, and pre-empts thoughts or emotions.

To pause is the moment in time when stillness prevails and there is no distinction between you and the rest of the world.

To pause is to be one with everything and everyone.

To pause is peace.

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The sweetness of love

sweetnessLove is the sweetness of life.

Valentine’s demarcates a day for expressing love towards your significant other.

In love, your heart beats faster, your hands perspire, and a smile becomes tattooed to your face .

Life becomes sweeter.

I get similar sensations when I eat a bar of chocolate,

following one of my yoga classes or if I have written an inspirational piece

or when I sink into a warm bath after a physically tough day.

The sweetness is the love I am expressing to myself when I give permission to indulge, create and nurture myself.

I feel this sweetness, when I look into the eyes of a child or an animal.

A love, that has no expectations or conditions, it just is.

Are you missing sweetness in your life?

How do you know?

If your sweetness is coming from an overconsumption of alcohol, food, sugary foods and caffeine.

You may also be over- exercising, over – sleeping, over – sexing, over -thinking, over – porning, over – talking, over – socialising or over – internet surfing.

The sweetness from love feels different: ease without guilt, satisfied without being full, light, spacious, energised and at peace.

It is when you have found that thing deep inside that rocks your socks off, floats your boat, shakes your booty…

Sweetness is your creative self bursting out of the dark depths of your soul and waking you up.

It can be a jolt or a gentle nudge.

Finding your sweetness is easier than you may think,

Just listen in and your body will tell you.

Then, and only then, can you spread your sweetness to others.

Happy Sweetness Day

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