Month: January 2015

What is love?

WhatisloveWhat is love?

Love is you

Love is home.

Love is safe

Love lives in all of us.

Love is reaching deep inside yourself and accepting what is.

Love is listening to your hearts’ yearnings and considering its requests.

Love is cradling your tired body when wreaked with sadness and heartbreak.

Love is gentling nudging your body when it needs to move and stretch.

Love is being kind.

Love is being patient when challenges are being faced.

Love is embracing the ugliness and the moodiness, as equally as the beauty and the smiles.

Love is believing in your own personal specialness.

Love is poking a finger into your side when fears stop you in your tracks.

Love is trust.

Love is knowing that you are safe from the big bad wolf.

Love is being yourself.

Love is playful and silly.

Love is hope and aliveness.

Love is you.

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Your Inner Magnificence

magnificenceFind your Inner Magnificence.

How can you turn a dull, uninspired life into Magnificence?

Firstly, find your Inner Magnificence.

You may be telling yourself “this is not me”.

Who says you are “not magnificent”?

Where do these words come from?

Did you hear them spoken by your parents?

Did your teachers tell you so?

Maybe a sibling?

We pick up on this from others.

Others who believed they lacked magnificence.

Therefore, you also believe this is true for you.

What is wrong with believing this?


You miss out on an innate gift given to all human beings,

Our capacity to be creative.

When your inner creative emerges, life loses all concept of time and space.

Living becomes magnificent; the world looks and feels as magnificent.

You begin to skip through the day… the sun appears brighter… the rain washes over your frazzled nerves… cold winter days tuck you under your warm duvet…

Hope replaces despondency… love embodies all who you come in contact with… dullness recedes…

Delve into the deep recesses of your Self and ask for you Inner Magnificence to emerge.

Then wait… wait… wait.

Until there it is, your Inner Magnificence!

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What’s the hurry?

hurryI was getting ready for a long day, knowing that it would be 9:30pm that night, before I could relax.

My first thought was, “I can’t wait until 9:30 pm”.

So I hurried through that day, to get to my final resting posture – for me it was sitting on the couch.

In yoga we call it Savasana or Corpse Pose.

Then it hit me, like a freight train.

If I hurried through every day like this, before I knew it, I would be in my corpse pose, and not the yoga posture. My life would be over.

What’s the hurry?

I desperately want to embrace each moment, each second of my life, whether it is dull, overwhelming, uncomfortable, tiring, or joyful. All these moments are equal, no different, this is life, in all its shapes and sizes.

Yet, we hurry… race… run… no matter what it is we are doing. As I watch people at the gym, I am sure 99 per cent of them are looking ahead to that rest once they finish their exercise.

In the mean time, they missed the sensations of sweat dripping from their forehead onto the ground, their heart revving up to circulate the blood and oxygen needed for body movement and how the mood begins to shift into a good feeling mood.

It was all missed because they were in a hurry to get to the end….end of the day… end of dinner… end of week… end of winter… end of school… end of working… end of childhood.


What’s the hurry?

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Future Self

future_self1Your future self

Do something today that your future self would thank you for.

These words came from my idol Elizabeth Gilbert this past week.

Words I found myself repeating all week especially when I was about to put something off or do something I might regret.

The simple task of deciding to make my bed before I leave for the day became a test to see if this really works. Hence I asked; “What would my future self feel that evening if the bed was made or unmade.”

Needless to say I made the bed.

Or if I wanted to grab for that extra piece of cake, “What would my future self feel like if I ate it”; I knew it would be happier and less annoyed.

I did not eat the extra piece.

This goes for exercise or taking time out to stretch.

It also works to stop you before you say something hurtful.

How would your future self feel after you said that thing.

This question also works really well with longer term goals. How would your future self thank you if you took the time each day to craft your CV… take a class… write… read for 30 minutes… ride that bike … meditate for 10 minutes… sign up for on-line dating… move house or country.

When you look ahead into the eyes of you in the future, there becomes no division between the now you and the future you.

That brief pause, may be just enough time for you to be able to reach your hand out to your future self and give her/him a high five.

This pause is an act of mindfulness.

It gives you a moment to reflect on what it is you truly want and what is best for you.

Your future self will thank you.

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On Giving up

GivingupOn Giving up

‘Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.’

Thomas A. Edison

How often do you start a project or a resolution and then stop midway, despite really wanting to pursue it?

Thomas Edison’s quote holds a special place in my heart especially when I find myself close to giving up on a dream. It helps me to keep on, keeping on, in order that I don’t give up too quickly.

You will know deep down when it is time to try something different. That something different is often an offshoot of what you started.

Our dreams may begin as one thing and then morph into something else.

Remember our failures or setbacks are lessons along the way, without them you will never get to where you are going. There is a rarely a clean line from A to B when on your journey through change.

So whatever you have decided to pursue this coming year, whether it be a healthier lifestyle… a new job… leaving a unhappy relationship… a sewing class… writing a course… committing to a regular yoga practice… on-line dating… being kinder… moving in with someone you love… taking time for you… having a baby… getting married… pursuing your dream to be an artist…

If you give up you may never know the sweet taste of success.

Success only comes from setbacks, there is no way around it.

This is a lesson for living,

Once you can embrace this concept,

Then you can embrace your life!

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