Month: August 2014


Footprints in the sand

As I walk along the sand at the beach I see footprints everywhere.

Footprints of the thousands of people who came to the beach today. The sand is messy.

Step closer to the water’s edge and the footprints disappear as the waves meets the sandy shoreline. It is smooth and serene. The only footprints are my mom’s who is walking a few feet ahead.

Can you see your life through these footprints?

Our daily lives depict the busy-ness and chaos of the collage of footprints… the thing we crave the most, serenity, are the footprints closer to the water’s edge.

We are drawn to the water’s edge, like a moth in the light… we are drawn to calm and serenity… I have not met a soul who does not walk toward the water.

It is not in our nature to crave chaos, yet, it is has become our lives.

Our inner world desires peace and tranquility, yet we fill every moment with activities to do and clutter our homes with stuff.

Yet, we seek peace and stillness. Not disorder.

With the summer coming to a close find spaces in your mind… home… office… car… clear space for the exact thing you want the most…


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transitionsThis is the time of year when summer turns into autumn… a new school year starts… our children go off to college… our vacations end… warmth turns to cold… summer clothes are replaced by sweaters and boots… lighter foods become heavier… days become shorter… darkness comes earlier… leaves change colour… flowers go dormant…

Transitions are happening everywhere.

Change brings up feelings of loss… as we hold on tight to what was…

… hold on to summer… our youth… our leisurely moments in the sun… our friends who have moved away… the sand under our toes… our child who has grown… the long warm days…

Whilst change is inevitable, it leaves a bittersweet taste in our mouths, as we long for those days again.

Why do we long for what was?

It gives us comfort, since the future is unknown… the past is our security blanket. The moment that provides us with a sense of peace, is the present, yet it is rarely noticed. Our minds shift from past to future, somehow missing the space in between, the here and now.

Now is all there is, ironically it is avoided.

When we are present, those summer days are longer…sweeter… warmer…

Loss is no longer loss… because now has no sense of loss. You cannot lose what is.

Since transitions happen, flow with change rather than against. Keep pulling your mind back to this moment… see how you feel…

No anxiety… sadness… tension… irritation… just bliss.

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Sitting with the uncomfortable

discomfortWhen faced with discomfort, what do you do?

I would venture to guess… get out!

Sounds reasonable, the sane thing.

Yet our unease can range from simple to extreme. At the outer edges even pain.

Discomfort is an internal sign, to evaluate whether to push on, pull away or sit with it.

It is our inner compass that something is shifting:

…a muscle is being strengthened… a heart is healing… a broken bone is repairing… an emotion is breaking free… a fear is being faced… courage is expanding

…a relationship is deepening… a dream is being achieved… love is flourishing… judgement is evaporating.

Discomfort, is a signpost on our physical, spiritual and/or personal journey. A momentary glimpse through the door of our inner self.

I recall my yoga mentor, who would encourage me to “work through a posture, not to give up”.

Pain and discomfort are different – pain, you knew immediately to stop, come out of the posture …discomfort was less to do with the body and more to do with the head.

Your mind says: “stop, get out, give up”.

Then I got it… the yoga posture was not only challenging my physical body but also my emotional and spiritual body. If I kept giving up, I would remain stuck on all levels. My fears on the yoga mat are the fears I bring with me into my ordinary life. My mind speaks the same language wherever I am. If I can work it out in the safe haven of my mat, then it can translate into the life beyond the mat.

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Live with ease

Live with ease

Can we live with ease in a fast paced world?

Most of us crave moments of calm and solitude amongst the rush of our daily lives.

A lady at the gym, who had taken one of my yoga classes, admitted it was extremely hard for her to slow her exercise routine down. She felt the need for fast pace. Without the burn from high octane exercise it did not seem enough.

I completely get her logic.

We are conditioned to rush from the minute we wake up, to when we go to sleep. So how is it possible to slow down even during exercise?

Because, we want to successful…happier…fitter…fulfilled…so we rush through the days…the weeks…the months…years…our life.

Reflect a moment….

Our life comes and goes in a blink of an eye. Is it not time to live with more ease?

So how can we live our life with ease?

There are 3 steps..

Firstly be centred… not in your head or even your heart. Your true centre is in your body… around your naval area. Move your feelings… thoughts… breath into that area.

If your centre remains in the head… you will never be able to live with ease.

Secondly… once centred… you become more balanced, in all areas of your life. You no longer will live in extremes. Your feelings are even… eating becomes just enough… you rest and move when it is right…

Then everything becomes easier… waking up… going to work… making a meal… planning a party… cleaning the house… exercising…

Our life slows down when we live with ease.

Thirdly… as we attain centre and balance we begin to live life with ease.

My message is be centred, be balanced and live life with ease.

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Who am I?

WhoamIWithout words.

Who am I?

How often have you have asked this question?

What does it mean? Is there an answer? Does it confuse us more?

The answer often is ” I am a teacher” … ” I am an accountant” …” I am a yoga teacher”… we so often identify ourselves with a professional role or…

“I am a mother, a sister, a brother, a father…a boy, a girl”…again identifying ourselves with a role.

Or ” I am moody…anxious…depressed…shy…outgoing”… the labels are endless.

Whilst it provides some comfort thinking they now know who you are.

Have you ever been in a transition when your identity was obscure? Possibly due to loss of your role…losing a job…or a death of a loved one…or you were just confused?

These transitions can be most disconcerting as we lost the ability to verbalise to others and ourselves who we are.

Ironically, these transitions or ambiguous gaps in our lives offer us one of the most profound gifts; that is to be free from labels.

Labels hold us captive…we are seen only as those labels. They prevent us from getting to know who we really are.

Our true self…does not hold a label or a word to describe …. it just is.

This can brings up anxious feelings, because it feels easier to have a word to tell others and yourself.

Since life is one transition and our labels are in flux, maybe, embrace the non-label view and give yourself a chance to reacquaint yourself with the real you.

Without words.

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